Celebrity Divorce: 10 Disturbing Reasons Most Celebrity Marriages Fail

When Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey got married, they got so beautiful, that you would swear they were bound to live forever together. With every pose on the red carpet and every walk on the beach, we were sure they were far from celebrity divorce until the rumours began and then that was it.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Tiwa Savage and Tee Bliss, and many other celebrities all over the world have ended up making the round and it will be no more surprising if tomorrow your best celebrity couple, think of any, end apart.

After taking a deep look, we were able to come up with these as the 10 main reasons behind celebrity divorce:

Getting lost in their arts

Celebrity Divorce

Being in the spotlight can actually be blinding enough to make you get lost in trying to remain in the spotlight. This is a major issue with celebrities who try as much as possible to hold on to what made them popular until they forget their spouses or the needs of their spouses.

Most like musicians spend more time in studios and shows than at home, while actors and sports people as well spend more time building themselves or working than with their better halves, making the relationships very hard to work out.

Being loved for their arts and not for who they are

Yes, we get to think that celebrities have so much love and some people even worship them. The truth, however, is that these people are not loved more than you are. The only thing is that people most times don’t know the line between loving what the celebrities do, and actually loving the celebrities.

The result of this is that they may end up loving people that love their acts so much and not they themselves, making it hard for the marriage to later work because as always, the artist is different from his acts. You can find perfect acts but never a perfect artist.

The tendency of cheating is high

Celebrity divorce

It is very easy for celebrities to cheat on their spouses because they are always exposed to people who are not only beautiful but who would do anything and go any mile to have them in their beds. Most times because they are always away from their partners, they easily fall for anything.

Sometimes you may even realize it’s not the celebrities themselves that cheat, but their partners who have always been left alone because the other is training, recording, performing, or engaged somewhere.


Are you surprised that money is a big problem leading to celebrity divorce? Don’t be; it is the root of many divorces. Many people would marry people they can’t stand for the papers. How much more if those people were celebrities. The bad news is that not all these celebrities are as wealthy or rich as we think. It’s all part of the show, so when the golddiggers marry them and see they have no gold, they seek for a divorce and go to the field again and leave the list of celebrity divorce even longer.

The bad news is that not all these celebrities are as wealthy or rich as we think. It’s all part of the show, so when the golddiggers marry them and see they have no gold, they seek for a divorce and go to the field again and leave the list of celebrity divorce even longer. Sometimes, it turns out that the celebs may be rich, but the spouses would want to break away so as to have a share in the wealth as a settlement after divorce.


Truth be told, it is not easy not wanting to be better than everyone else. This is, however, a very big problem for celebrities when they try to show they are better than their other halves. This happens mostly between celebrities in the same industry, or when success is measured by how much the other makes.

When it becomes obvious that the more competitive one is performing less than the other, envy sets in, then intolerance and the court will be the next point of the meeting.

Flawless public image

The way they talk in movies, walk on red carpet, dress to events, and even give interviews suggest flawlessness. It is that way even for people like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown who we all know may just be en route to another trouble. This air of flawlessness pulls people to them, including other celebrities.

Sometimes they sustain the air of flawlessness until 72 days after the marriage, or even less, then we would get hit with another celebrity divorce. And I’m not talking about Kim and Humphery here.


Celebrity Divorce

No one is bulletproof to jealousy. Not even the high and mighty celebrities who always see their partners cuddling and kissing in movies. I’m not even talking about the sex scenes. Sometimes celebrities tend to take these, but when it gets too much, they easily snap and break.

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The Media

How about the media and the rumour machines trying to pull every gullible traffic? The media plays a massive role in celebrity divorce when they always remind you of who your partner was before you met,  and paparazzi are always there to say who your partner has spoken to, hugged or had dinner with, where and how.

There are so many cases of cheating and divorce rumours that the media have reported which turned out for nought. When celebrities do not learn to shut their eyes and ears against most of the things shared in the media, their marriage may just be at the last second to midnight of the doomsday clock.


Fans are licking you in the wrong places just for the autograph, your mail is filled with expressions of love, and heavens help you, someone somewhere is not burning some incense in your name. The massive and most times crazy love received by celebrities make them forget they are just humans.

This easily makes them want to be treated the same way by their spouses and they even go ahead to treat their spouses as inferior because they feel the world should be all about them. No relationship can survive that.

How about publicity stunts

Have you ever wondered why some celebrities always ensure they are in the news for every reason including going naked, breaking the law, and saying crazy and dumb things? It is because staying in the eye of the public is all that keeps them alive as celebrities. Maybe some didn’t marry to divorce for the stunts, but it is because of it that some begin certain relationships. Then they get carried away until they marry. Then reality hits.


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