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Celestia Vega is an adult film star who has passed through critics as well as appraisals for her acts. For her sexual acts, she has successfully gathered an impressive amount of views, and subscribers as well as followers on most of her social media pages. Despite exposing her body to the world for a living, the lady has been tightlipped with many details about her life, however, we have successfully gathered all the facts there is to know about her in this article. Read on…

Celestia Vega Biography

August 12th, 1998 was the day thatVega was born. Her unknown parents raised her in the United States of America. She is the only known child of her parents. The porn star is an American, however, it isn’t clear to the public what her ethnic roots could be. Celestial Vega is quite reserved with details about her upbringing, facts like how she spent her childhood, educational background and more are still very much a mystery.

Celestia Vaga rose to stardom in 2011, after she uploaded a podcast session on Twitch. Meanwhile, she had already gathered a decent fanbase with her skills as a gamer. She, however, took a turn towards sexual conducts and uploaded most of her acts on several social media platforms, thereby gaining more publicity. She was quite active on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube.

In 2015, her audience on YouTube grew massively as she amassed over 560,000 subscribers on her channel. However, most of her YouTube contents are only accessible to people over 18+. Also, Celestia Vega’s vulgar nature on her platforms is a contributing factor to why most of her contents are flagged.

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Sometime in 2017, Celestia Vega went extraordinary announcing the release of her first adult film on the Christmas day of that year (25th of December). Her announcement caused a huge buzz online with most of her fans looking forward to the movie release. Celestia Vega kept to her word but subsequently, her video was taken down by PornHub for unknown reasons. With an open apology, she won back the hearts of her fans.

Other Facts You Need To Know About Celestia Vega

Net Worth 

Some have described Celestia Vega’s source of income as being shitty but others have accepted her means of making wealth. Her only known source of income is with her acts as a porn actress. Through porno, Celestia Vega has amassed a net worth of $200,000.

Love Life

Love for Celestia Vega has meant a lot of things. She has faced a few backstabs in past relationships. In her early beginnings, Celestial claimed that she had a straight sexual orientation and was nothing close to being gay. However, as time passed, the porn star, revealed that she was attracted both to the male and female folks. She is yet to reveal the details of the man or woman who has stolen her heart. Until she does, Celestia Vega is assumed single.

Celestia Vega’s Friendship With Zoie Burgher

It is undeniable that Celestia Vega’s occupation is quite sensitive. She has lost a few friends in the past and has learned to be her number one fan. One of her favorite persons who caught off from her is Zoie Burgher. Prior to Vega’s establishment as an adult film star, the two were often seen together and at some point were suspected to be lesbians.

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Celestia Vega
Celestia Vega and Zoie Burgher

However, while Vega blossomed at her field, Zoie expressed her discomfort with her friend’s business, insinuating that it affected her career as a businesswoman. Zoie expressed her undying love for her friend, supported her dreams yet said that she was uncool with her activities as a Porn star. Ironically, years after Zoie’s claims, she is currently also excelling as a porn star.

Celestia Vega’s Social Media Life

While obeying several rules guiding the video sharing platform YouTube, Celestia Vega crossed the lines on her Instagram channel. In 2017, the adult film star had her Instagram account taken down. Ever since then, she has refused to create another account on the platform. More recently, she took down both her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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Celestial Vega has worn her hair in different weird colors, ranging from blue, purple, gold, yellow, pink… She originally has black hair and is blue eyed. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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