Cell C App Login Procedure, How to Check Your Statement and Other Things You Can Do Online

Cell C is one of the leading mobile service operators in South Africa. Despite coming into the market relatively late (in 2001) compared to their major contenders who launched their services in the 1990s, Cell C has grown in leaps and bounds since their arrival into the telecom scene. The company is known to promote digital advancement as well as enhancing the lives of its customers. From their unbelievably low call rates and several value-adding products and services, the company tripled its customer base within a couple of years since its inception.

Many believe the network’s strongest selling points are its pricing strategy, transparency, simplicity, and honesty which have all contributed to positive customer response. If you as a Cell C user and you are having difficulties logging into the Cell C app, do not fret, we’ve got you covered as this piece outlines the procedures to do so.

How To Login To The Cell C App

To have access to the benefits of this application, one would have to download it from the Google play store or Apple store. Just click on install and after the download has been completed, the following are steps to take to log in to the Cell C app.

1. Launch the app on your mobile device

2. Input your Cell C phone number

3. Then create your preferred password

4. Use the password to log in to the app

Procedures To Check Your Statement On The Cell C App

One of the benefits of the Cell C application is the opportunity to take charge and manage so many things about the network on your own. One of these things is checking one’s statement on the application. Here are the steps to follow to check your statement on the Cell C application:

1. Launch the app on your phone

2. When it has opened, log in with your phone number and password

3. A page with several options of what to do will appear, click on Invoices

4. Wait a few seconds and your statement will be displayed on your screen automatically

Other Things You Can Do On The Cell C App

As a brand focused on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction to its subscribers, the Cell C application has been upgraded to provide more services. Asides from checking statements and account balance, this app gives customers the opportunity to manage their accounts and perform several other operations without having to contact a customer service agent. Here are some of the other things that can be done on the Cell C application as well as the procedures to get you started:

Buy Airtime & Data Bundles

On the Cell C app, there are different airtime options and bundles to choose from. All you have to do is to go through the options available and choose the preferred choice which will be automatically activated. The steps to follow include:

1. Launch the app and when it opens, input your username and password

2. To recharge, click on the recharge icon and choose the denomination you wish to recharge.

3. To buy data bundles, click on the Data icon and select the Purchase Type whether it is One-off or Monthly. Then proceed to select the Validity in days (1 day, 5 days, 30 days, or  90 days).

4. For either of the steps (2 or 3) confirm the payment at the end of the screen and you will receive a notification of a successful transaction.

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Share Airtime and Data To Family & Friends

From the Cell C app, it is possible to buy and send data or airtime directly to another person’s account. You can also share airtime and bundles on the go (with the ability to save your card for quick purchasing) and access exclusive offers like Double Data bundles. This can be done by clicking on the Data Share or Airtime Share icons which will be displayed on your screen once you have gained access to the app.

Data Bundle Rollover

Cell C users are provided with the option of rolling over unused data bundles before it expires. To get this done, log into the app and click on the ‘Bundle Rollover’ icon. As long as your subscription is yet to expire any unused data will be rolled over.

Track Usage & Control Spending

Since your balance is always displayed, it is easier to monitor and control your spending. You can also set and update your bill limit to help manage your spending, and change your data, voice, and SMS usage limits as the need arise. To get these done, simply click on the ‘Manage Limits’ icon when you have logged into the Cell C app and navigate to the areas you would like to set up and update.

Manage Call Settings & Locate Your PUK Number 

On the Cell C app, users can manage their call settings by clicking on the ‘Call Setting’ icon. There will be options to change call waiting options and more. You can also have access to your PUK number on the app. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Login with your username & password

2. Click on the Menu bar

3. Select Personal Information and a list of details including your PUK number will be displayed on the screen.

Emergency Recharge

When you are logged into the app and you need airtime or data in a hurry, you can get an Emergency Recharge and pay it later.  Just click on the icon, ‘Emergency Recharge’, and select the desired amount. Moreover, the app can help you automatically recharge your account when your balance reaches R2 or lower with Auto TopUp (this is only available for TopUp and Prepaid customers).

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Usage Notifications

You can check your data, voice, and SMS balances on the app. Depending on your preference, you can view a detailed breakdown or a high-level summary of your usage which is displayed on the home screen. The app also comes with a widget that allows you to see your balance right on your phone’s home screen. To gain access to this service, just click on the icon for ‘Usage Notification’ and follow through with the options to view your usage.

Link A Number 

With the Cell C application, one can link several numbers via the application. To do this just click on the icon to link a number and enter the numbers you want to link. When this is done, you will be able to view their balances and more.

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