Migrants Hide In Car And Suitcase In Hope Of Being Smuggled To Spain

Ceuta Illegal Migrants – On 30th December, the police apprehended 2 Moroccans for attempting to smuggle 3 Africans into Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta.

It was discovered that 2 were hidden in a car while the other one hid in a suitcase.

Taking the Mediterranean route and the desert are more familiar for illegal African migrants. However, finding people perfectly hidden in a car and a suitcase may not always be the case. It sounds like a stunt we find in comic movies.

Desperation may be the cause of this predicament but smuggling migrants has never ceased to be a crime.

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The police searched the car to find that one person was hidden in the car’s dashboard while the other was in the hollowed-out back seat. Both migrants- a man and a woman- suffered suffocation and were administered first aid treatment to resuscitate them. Both migrants are suspected to be Guinea nationals.

On a different case, a young African man speculated to be from Gabon was also found hidden in a woman’s suitcase. Just like the above migrants, he also suffered suffocation and received first aid treatment for it.

Report says that a 22-year-old Moroccan woman intended to smuggle him into Ceuta. Unfortunately for her, the customs officers’ inspection busted the plan.

She was ordered to open the suitcase, which was tied to a trolley; and the content was a human being.


These recent reports of illegal migration appear not to be the first of its kind. Migrants have been discovered hidden close to car engines. A child has on one occasion been smuggled to Spain in a suitcase.

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Hundreds of migrants often take the Moroccan route to Europe.

“The enclaves are Europe’s only land borders in Africa.

Most migrants are intercepted and returned to Morocco, while those who make it over the fences are eventually repatriated or released.”BBC.

On New Year’s eve, report confirmed that about 50 Moroccan and 5 Spanish border guards were injured when 1,100 migrants tried to get over the fence.

At the end, none but 2 migrants made it over the 6m (20ft) border fence separating Ceuta from Morocco. Both were injured scaling the fence and were taken to hospital in Ceuta.