Is Chad Lowe as Successful as His Brother Rob, Why Did He Divorce Swank and Who Is His Wife Now?

Chad Lowe and Rob Lowe are two Hollywood stars who share several similarities. Both are accomplished actors who have appeared in several popular TV series and have scooped up several awards during their illustrious careers. There is also the blood matter of them being brothers.

Rob is the family’s flagbearer with works like The West Wing and Parks and Recreation among his defining projects. Still, Chad has built a successful career of his own ever since he made his debut in 1984.

Chad Lowe Has an Extensive Filmography with Over 60 Credits

Born as Charles Davis Lowe II on January 15, 1968, in Dayton, Ohio, Lowe aspired to become a professional baseball player. However, upon the advice and persuasion of his then neighbor, Martin Sheen, he pursued acting. Lowe commenced his career in the mid-80s, appearing in TV series and movies such as Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac, Silence of the Heart, Spencer, and There Must Be a Pony.

He made further appearances in Oxford Blues, Apprentice to Murder, True Blood, Nobody’s Perfect, and Highway to Hell. He later rose to the limelight, thanks to his appearance in the TV series, Life Goes On. In the ABC series, Lowe portrayed the role of Jesse McKenna, a young man living with HIV.

Lowe’s portrayal of McKenna earned him the 1993 Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series. He also received the Q Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Quality Drama Series. Since his breakthrough, Chad Lowe has appeared in several other movies and TV shows.

His filmography, which as of 2020, has more than 60 credits, include works like Driven, Floating, Quiet Days in Hollywood, The Audition, Unfaithful, The Space in Between, Betsy, ER, and Now and Again. Others include 24, Drop Dead Diva, Young Justice, Law & Order: SVU, CSI: Miami, and Pretty Little Liars.

Chad Lowe
Chad Lowe in Pretty Little Liars: image source

Chad is also an accomplished director with more than 20 projects under his belt. He made his directorial debut in the 2000 short film, The Audition, and has gone on to direct works like Bones, Pretty Little Liars, Supergirl, and Life in Pieces. As a director, he has received one award nomination for Beautiful Ohio from Sarasota Film Festival.

His Brother Has a Longer Filmography and a Similar Behind the Scenes Career

While Chad Lowe has his role in Life Goes On as his only career-defining onscreen role, his older brother, Rob, has more. Since he started his career in 1979, five years before Chad made his acting debut, he has appeared in over 100 films and TV shows.

His longer filmography also contains more notable roles, having been a teen idol and part of the famous Brat Pack. He starred in films like Oxford Blues, The Outsiders, Class, and About Last Night… In TV shows, he is renowned for his role as Sam Seaborn in The West Wing, Chris Traeger in Parks and Recreation, and Owen Strand in 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Rob’s notable roles have also translated to multiple award recognitions. He has six Golden Globe and one Primetime Emmy nominations, two Behind the Voice Actors nominations, and an additional ten from other bodies. Aside from his significantly more successful onscreen career, Chad Lowe’s older brother is also quite a producer.

He has produced more than 16 projects across film and television. Although not as rooted in the role as Chad, Rob is also a director, with three credits to his name. His more extensive filmography with greater popularity across film and television has made Rob more successful than Chad and richer.

Chad Lowe’s $4 Million Net Worth Pales in Comparison to Rob’s $60

It is an unquestionably successful Hollywood career for Chad, particularly when one considers the odds of success in the industry. His over three decades career has earned him an estimated $4 million net worth.

Still, he lags considerably behind his brother, whose career has fetched him a $60 million net worth. While most of Chad’s wealth comes from his acting and directing career, Rob has made a ton more money outside of it.

The actor’s brother has worked as a brand ambassador for a couple of companies and launched his own venture too. He owns Profile, a men’s skincare product line. He also had a reality show, The Lowe Files, and hosted another Mental Samurai, which he also produced. In addition to those, Rob Lowe has a popular podcast, Literally! With Rob Lowe.

Despite the vast wealth gap between them, there is no resentment between the brothers. And despite their busy schedules, Chad and Rob Lowe find time to spend together.

They regularly go fishing and skiing with their father, Charlie. During the holidays, the brothers also gather with other Lowe family members, including their half-brothers, Micah Dyer and Justin Lowe.

Drug Addiction Contributed to the End of His Marriage to Hillary Swank

In 1992, Chad Lowe met Hillary Swank at a party. She was there with young Leonardo DiCaprio but was smitten when she locked eyes with Chad across the room. Things began with lunch, then dinner, and then an official relationship began. They dated for five years before getting married on September 28, 1997.

Together, the couple was one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples. Chad and Hillary were particularly fun and exciting sights at Fashion Week. They developed a reputation for sharing secret looks and laughs at the annual event. But at the turn of the millennium, cracks began to show in their once solid relationship.

Chad Lowe
Chad and Swank at Fashion Week often stole headlines: image source

Rumors of jealousy from Chad as Hillary’s career skyrocketed began to swirl. It significantly heightened after she forgot to mention him in her 2000 Oscar acceptance speech. Despite seemingly swatting all the rumors and challenges, they announced they were parting ways on January 9, 2006.

The announcement came as a shock to fans who, having watched them weather various public dramas, believed they were in for the long haul. They completed their divorce the following year, in May 2006, ending fourteen years of being together.

Although neither couple agrees it is the sole contributor, Chad’s addiction to substance abuse is a named culprit. Although the actor had been sober for three years before their separation, it contributed to the struggles that defined the last five years of their relationship.

Aside from his addiction, they also started drifting apart. A combination of things, including the direction of their respective careers, is a noted cause. Despite the disappointing end to their relationship, Chad Lowe and Hillary Swank remain on good terms. She admits there is still so much love between them, and he has described her as the love of his life.

The Life Goes On Actor is Married to a Film Producer, Kim Painter

Since his tabloid-dominating relationship with Hillary Swank ended, Chad Lowe has had a quieter marital life with Kim Painter. They started dating in late 2006 and confirmed their relationship through a publicist on January 19, 2007. We are not sure how they met, but rumors of their affair began in November after they were seen together at Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking.

Kim, a film producer, was a producer in the one-woman play. She also produced the TV show, Conversations from the Edge with Carrie Fisher. Other works include Instant Dads, where she served as a casting director. Before they got married, they gave birth to their first child, Mabel Painter, on May 16, 2009.

About a year later, Low and Painter got married on August 28, 2010, in a small Los Angeles ceremony. Since then, they have welcomed two more daughters, Fiona Hepler Lowe, on November 15, 2012, and Nixie Barbara Lower, on March 18, 2016. The couple named their second daughter after his mother’s maiden name.

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