Chad Michael Murray Transition from Modeling to Acting and Fun Details About His Family

Hollywood has produced its fair share of teen heartthrobs and Chad Michael Murray ranks amongst the biggest of them all. The ridiculously-handsome actor first stole the hearts of young girls all over the world when he played the role of the broody Lucas Scott on the popular CW drama, One Tree Hill. Since then, Murray has shrugged off the toga of teen heartthrob and has reinvented himself in several diverse roles; both on the big and small screens.

Because of how successful his career has been, a lot of things about the former fashion model commands the interest of many people. As much as there are those who have kept up with his career journey, following the story of his rise to fame, others are more interested in tales about his love life.

Chad Michael Murray Was Going to Become an American Footballer Before He Bagged a Scholarship that Led Him into Modeling

Born on the 24th of August 1981 in Buffalo, New York, Chad Michael Murray grew up in New York and attended Clarence High School. As a high schooler, the actor loved literature but devoted his attention to football.

He played both quarterback and wide receiver positions and led his school to a state appearance during his senior year. Murray, therefore, aspired to play college football but his life story took a dramatic turn when he won a scholarship to attend a modeling convention in Orlando.

During the convention, he met an agent who convinced him that he had the looks and talents to make it in Hollywood. The young man subsequently returned home and after graduation, packed his bags and set off for Los Angeles. In the city of angels, Chad supported himself by modeling professionally.

As you would easily find, he has modeled for popular brands like Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and their likes.

Playing Tristan Dugray in Gilmore Girls Was His First Significant Acting Role

The former model has been active since 1997 and it was in 1999 that he landed what would become his first significant role, this was in Gilmore Girls, a comedy-drama television series wherein he played Tristan Dugray across 11 episodes.

His character was initially one of the main characters but it later became a recurring one. After Gilmore Girls, the New York native appeared in a string of projects and also continued modeling.

He was seen as Ray Santucci in Diagnosis: Murder, Dan in Undressed, Charlie Todd in Dawson’s Creek, and Tom Haviland in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation before he got his breakthrough in the competitive industry.

His Breakthrough Came in 2003 With Roles in One Three Hill and Freaky Friday

All of Murray’s hard work paid off in the year 2003 when he landed his career-defining role on One Tree Hill. The drama television series created by Mark Schwahn revolves around two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan, who are initially arch-rivals in every aspect of life but later became close.

Murray played the role of Lucas and appeared in 131 episodes of The CW show between 2003 and 2009. It fetched him several awards and also landed him on the cover of magazines such as People Magazine and Rolling Stone.

Also in 2003, the actor starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday. If One Tree Hill made him popular, playing Jake in the fantasy-comedy earned him the admiration of many and made it possible for the actor to land other roles in notable small and big-screen projects.

Since his breakout on One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray has gone on to appear in other TV series such as Agent Carter, Sun Records Star, and Riverdale. His most popular movie roles apart from Freaky Friday are in A Cinderella Story (2004), House of Wax (2005), and Fruitvale Station (2013).

The Actor’s Wife Is an Actress But Not The First Woman He Married

Chad Michael Murray
Murray and his wife Sarah: Image Source

Chad Michael Murray is married to an American model and actress named Sarah Roemer. Roemer has modeled for the likes of GQ, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and Esquire. She has also featured in several movies and TV series including Disturbia, Asylum, Fired Up!, Waking Madison, The Con Artist, The Event, and Chosen.

Murray first met his wife in 2014 on the set of the TV series, Chosen. They thereafter commenced a relationship and tied the knot in a secret ceremony in January 2015. The couple now has two children together: a son named Rex who was born in May 2015 and his sister born in March 2017.

The actor regards his family as his greatest accomplishment. According to Chad, having a family has changed the way he sees things. He strives to keep his folks happy and proud of him.

His First Wife Cited Fraud When She Asked for the Annulment of their Marriage in 2006

As far as marriage is concerned, the actor’s first experience of it was with his One Tree Hill co-star, Sophia Bush. They tied the knot in April 2005 and split in September of that same year.

The union ended in divorce in December 2006. Early in February of that year, Sophia filed for an annulment, citing fraud. The request was denied and the actress had to settle for a divorce.

Bush has since disclosed that she felt somewhat pressured into marrying Murray. The actor has denied this, saying he would never marry for any reason other than love.

The Actor Was Engaged to Kenzie Dalton for Seven Years Before He Started Dating Sarah Roemer

It didn’t take Chad Michael Murray a long time after his divorce from Sophia Bush to find another lover; he started dating Kenzie Dalton who worked as an extra on One Tree Hill.

The two were so much into each other that they quickly got engaged sometime in April 2006. But then, they didn’t rush into a marriage and eventually never did as they called off their engagement after seven years in August 2013.

Chad Michael Murray’s Mom Abandoned Their Family When He Was 10 Years Old

The One Tree Hill star hails from a relatively large family. His father’s name is Rex Murray while his mother’s name is unknown. He has three brothers named Rex, Brandon, and Nick; a sister named Shannon, and a half-brother named Tyler.

Murray has disclosed that his mom abandoned the family when he was just 10 years old and that it made him develop abandonment fears.

The actor has also revealed that he idolizes his father because he was always there for them. According to him, his dad took very good care of him and his siblings and never took out his hurt or anger on them.

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