Chanel West Coast Net Worth
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It’s quite amazing how a single personality wields so much skill and talent to feature in the versatility of the performance world. Chanel West Coast net worth has proven in many ways that music is a big part of her life and income source as she is the daughter of a Disk jockey and triumphantly made a name for herself in the musical world from as early as the age of 14. She didn’t limit herself to rap at an early age as she was into pop, R & B and hip-hop. This propelled her career timeline faster as she kept her fans in a frenzy with her songs.

Chanel West Coast has not been limited to just music, she has featured in movies, worked as a model and has also worked as a TV personality. Her enormous prowess in music has not gone unnoticed as she has received different notable awards for her good efforts. She was born on the 1st of September, 1988 and was given the name Chelsea Chanel Dudley. Although she was born in the beautiful city of California, Chanel spent most of her early years in both New York City and North Hollywood as a result of her parents’ separation.

Her desire for music was stirred up by her father who she always accompanied to clubs whenever she was spending time with him. This interest in music made her go through the process of tutelage in both singing and dancing. Being a lady open to inspiration, Chanel grew interested in hip-hop as she was a big fan of Tupac Shakur’s third single ‘How Do You Want It’.

Career Achievements

To better understand the how Chanel West Coast net worth came about, a detail of her timeline shows that her career officially kicked off in 2009, a year after she was introduced to reality TV star, Rob Dyrdek of the Television show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory who got interested in her and made her a receptionist on the show. In the same year, the budding entertainer had the privilege to feature in a single episode of MTV’s The Hard Times of RJ Berger as Sheila. This was quickly followed by another featured as a member of the main cast in the show Ridiculousness.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth
Rob Dyrdek and Chanel West

Not being one to be limited to one part of the entertainment industry, Chanel West Coast began her music career by first collaborating with other more known singers. Her first major project came in 2009 as she began recording the song ‘Melting Like Ice Cream’ with Tiffanie Anderson, ‘Tramp’ with rapper Somanya Reece and then ‘Phamous’ with Midi Mafia. She started out with a short stay with Polow De Don’s record label, Zone 4 before signing to Lil Wayne’s record label, Young Money Entertainment. This is where she released her mixtape, ‘Now You Know’ featuring the likes of Ty Dolla Sign, Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke, French Montana, and Honey Cocaine.

She has gone on to have a blast soaring only higher in her career with works released in 2014, 2015 and 2018. 2014 saw her first, second and third singles, ‘Blueberry Chills’, ‘New Feeling’ and the third being ‘Miles and Miles’. The next came in 2015 when she released her song ‘Bass in the Trunk’. Her 2018 release was ‘Nobody’.

Chanel West Coast’s Net Worth – How Much Is She Worth Now?

It is without doubt that Chanel West Coast has done well for herself in the entertainment world as she has had amazing musical works released to critical claim over the years. To further boost her purse and diversify her sources of income she has featured on different TV shows such as the popular American game show Fear Factor amongst others.

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The pretty entertainer has fascinating rapping skills and has equally enjoyed a nice financial value and net worth. Although there is no detailed information and figure on her salary yet as she still keeps it undisclosed she is earning a handsome sum. We know this because the total value of Chanel West Coast net worth is pegged at $1 million.

Her steady growth In the industry has kept her at this value and she has not been a disappointment ever since. The figure of her worth comes from all of her endeavors in music, tv shows and as an actress. However, this figure is expected to see a steady increase as she continues dishing out chart-toppers.

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