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Charles Krauthammer is a syndicated columnist who has earned a unique place in the history of American politics. With a passion and responsibility to his readers, viewers, and even history, he has worked and written about politics for almost four decades. Though he was physically confined to a wheelchair for most of his life, Krauthammer’s mind and perspectives were not.

The American did not only played a major role in politics in his home country, as he was influential to both policymakers and politicians across the globe. More so, his views which were respected by fans and critics alike helped shape generations of political thinkers. Regarded as the dean of conservative commentators, Krauthammer was once named the most influential commentator in the country. Join us in unearthing lesser-known facts about the psychiatrist, multiple award-winning political columnist, commentator, and best-selling author.


Charles Krauthammer was born on the 13th of March 1950. The award-winning political pundit is the son of Schlum and Thea Krauthammer. Though born in Manhattan, New York, he is of mixed ethnicity as he had paternal Ukranian heritage and maternal Belgian heritage.

Given that both of his parents were Orthodox Jews who lived in Montreal, Krauthammer obtained his elementary education from a Hebrew school. For his tertiary studies, he graduated with First Class Honours in economics and political science from McGill University. He went on to obtain a degree in politics at Balliol College, Oxford under a Commonwealth scholarship and later another degree in medicine from Harvard Medical School.

Interestingly, Krauthammer’s academic endeavors at Harvard were almost stalled when he was involved in a diving board accident in his first year. The accident, unfortunately, affected his spinal cord and left his lower body below the neck permanently paralyzed. Though his journey to recovery lasted for 14 months, Krauthammer remained undeterred in his academic goals but graduated in a wheelchair from medical school as a psychiatrist in the year 1975.

Career Success

Before he became a syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer first worked as a sailing instructor during his teenage days. As a psychiatrist, he worked at Massachusetts General Hospital from 1975 to 1978 where he successfully conducted and published researches before relocating to Washington D.C.

In the early 1980s, he worked as a speechwriter for Vice President Walter Mondale. Thereafter, Krauthammer worked with The New Republica as a writer and editor. His next job came in 1983 as a writer for Time Magazine and later The Washington Post. It was while working for the latter media outlet in 1987 that he won his Pulitzer Prize for commentary. More so, he was a once a contributing editor to The Weekly Standard and The New Republic. He has also worked as a political analyst, commentator, and contributor for FOX News Channel.

Given how his weekly columns were syndicated globally to over 200 newspapers, it is no surprise that the Pulitzer Prize winner received a plethora of other awards in his lifetime. In addition to being a political analyst, columnist, and commentator, Krauthammer is also a published author of the best selling book Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politic.

Who Is His Wife?

Charles Krauthammer and wife Robyn Krauthammer
Charles Krauthammer and wife Robyn Krauthammer
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Charles Krauthammer’s longtime wife is Robyn Krauthammer (nee Trethewey), an Australian lawyer turned artist. The couple who were college sweethearts at Oxford University got married in 1974. Together, Robyn and Charles had one son named Daniel.

During his lifetime, Charles and Robyn Krauthammer were involved in charity. Afraid that some of their Jewish traditions were almost lost and extinct, the couple established a charitable foundation, Pro Music Hebraica which is aimed at preserving classical Jewish music.

A trained lawyer, Robyn Krauthammer abandoned the legal profession in the 1970s for artistry. She studied and trained at the Corcoran School of Art, Washington D.C. and the Maryland Institute College of Art, and is fully focused on her artistry.

What Happened To Charles Krauthammer, Is He Dead?

After a tough battle with small intestine cancer, Charles Krauthammer died on the 21st of June 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 68. The year before, in October 2017, he underwent surgery in order to remove the abdominal tumor, however, in early 2018, he revealed that he had complications from the surgery which was initially believed to have been a success. Sadly, in June that same year, the political pundit bravely lost the battle to the grave illness.

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Other Interesting Facts You Must Know

1. Krauthammer was bilingual. He spoke French and Hebrew fluently.

2. He was regarded as one of the most successful columnists of all time and his net worth before death was estimated at $8 million.

3. Krauthammer was known to publicly eulogize his wife whom he described as the co-author of his life and inspiration over the years.

4. Charles Krauthammer was not the only child born to his parents. He had an older brother Marcel, who died in 2006.

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