A Reveal of Charlie Rose Net Worth Since He Was Fired For Sexual Misconduct

Charlie Rose has an estimated net worth of $23 million. He is an American former TV journalist and talk show host. 

Fans have been speculating about Charlie Rose’s net worth since he got sacked by PBS and CBS News over allegations of sexual misconduct. Charlie who has earned the status of a fan favorite thanks to the way he exudes both charm and charisma on the set of The Charlie Rose Show has this rare gift of people skills right from his formative years. His talent came to fore after he was employed by BBC (New York) upon the completion of his university degree, where he was charged with the responsibility of taking charge of certain duties on a freelance basis.

The famous television personality’s quick wit, as well as zeal to be successful, would earn him several other shows including People and Politics, A Conversation with Jimmy Carter, and of course Bill Moyers Journal that gave him the portfolio of an executive producer. In no time at all, Charlie was employed by KXAS-TV to function as a program manager for one of their shows that later laid the foundation for the advent of The Charlie Rose Show.

Charlie Rose appeared along with Scott Pelley on CBS This Morning and was also featured on CBS Evening News. His talk shows were quite spirited, earning him several awards and accolades. The TV host has interviewed big names like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and several others. He takes the credit for firing an optimistically heated discussion between the leaders of Fox and NBC which engendered a reciprocated decline in ad hominem attacks witnessed between Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann on their individual programs. We will explore Charlie Rose’s net worth since his dismissal from PBS and CBS News.

Charlie Rose’s Net Worth After His Sack 

Considering the fact that Rose had already been established in his career, his sacking had little to no impact on his wealth. Charlie Rose’s net worth is recorded in excess of $23 million. The television personality’s heydays in the media boosted his wealth to a great extent with an annual of income over $2.5 million which is a culmination of all his earnings from different endeavors.

Given his massive wealth, Charlie Rose is not without investments, especially in the real estate sector. He is known for living the lavish lifestyle with several luxurious possessions. His investments in property alone are worth millions of dollars. Apart from sprawling houses and extensive apartments, the TV host is the proud owner of a soybean farm located very close to North Carolina. The farm called Grass Creek Farm spans over 525-acres and comes in handy as a getaway estate for Charlie and his family. His permanent residence is quite luxurious measured over 5,500 square feet, in addition to a beach house that is always handy in Long Island. The list of Charlie Rose’s landed properties does not end there; there is also this beautiful apartment in New York’s Central Park.

As is the norm for people of great wealth, Charlie Rose’s net worth qualifies him to be part of any prestigious club, and the former CBS host lives up to expectation by joining the coveted Long Island Deepdale Country Club.

His Sources Of Income

Charlie Rose's net worth
Charlie Rose in an interview session with Hillary Clinton image source

Charlie Rose, no doubt owes all the digits of his net worth to his 45-year-long career in the media. It was when his spouse landed a lucrative job with BBC that Charlie leveraged the opportunity to earn employment from the media giant on a freelance basis. The ambitious media personality wasted no time in ascending the ladder of success with accolades like the 1976 Peabody Award boosting his image.

Between 1984 to 1990, Charlie Rose functioned as a host for CBS News Nightwatch. However, his big break came with the advent of his own show which quickly gained popularity as The Charlie Rose Show, spanning from 1991 till he was hit by several sexual misconduct accusations from eight different women.

According to trusted sources, Charlie Rose’s net worth got a huge boost from his gig on The Morning with CBS which made him richer by $8 million. Five years down the line, he added additional shows to his portfolio which made him even more affluent.

Important to note that even before he joined CBS as a talk show host, Charlie Rose was an employee of a New York-based bank while holding down a job as a freelancer for BBC. He also held a weekend gig with WPIX-TV as a reporter.

Charlie Rose’s Income Sources

  • Media career
  • Real estate
  • soybean farm


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