What Happened To Charlotte Brosnan, How And When Did She Die?

Charlotte Brosnan was a very kind and down to earth person and will be forever remembered for that. She gained popularity mainly because of her parents and like them, she was an actress who featured in a number of movies which were very successful. Her stepfather (Pierce Brosnan) who adopted her after the death of her biological father loved her very much which can be deduced from their relationship and the way he speaks about her.

The actress was a loving daughter, wife and devoted mother and her death has created a big vacuum in the lives of loved ones.

Background Information

Charlotte was born on the 27th of November 1971 in London, England. The U.K. Her parents were Cassandra and Dermot Harris. Her parents’ union didn’t last long and in 1980, her mother found love again and married Pierce Brosnan.

After the death of her biological father in 1986, Brosnan adopted her and her brother Christopher and they took his last name. In a series of interviews, he reveals that they just clicked as a family and constantly talks about how lucky he is to have them in his life. Without a biological daughter of his own, Pierce had a special bond with Charlotte. She calls him dad and they remained close over the years, even after their mother’s death. The father and daughter were often spotted attending several official occasions together like the Golden Globe Awards and the Orange British Academy Film Awards, just to mention a few.

Having two popular and celebrity parents drew lots of attention for the young Charlotte. She, however, took it all in with grace. Charlotte Brosnan has been described as a genuinely kind person and was actively involved in various charities as they appealed to her when she was alive. She is referred to as ‘the custodian of laughter’ in her family.

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Like her parents, she ventured into acting and made her debut on television with a role in NYPD Blue. Her movie debut was in 1996 The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson she featured alongside her father Pierce who had a lead role in the film. The film was a success and Charlotte received positive comments for her performance. She went ahead to feature as a Swedish tourist in The Nephew (1998).

Like most people, Charlotte went through some rough patches in life at some point, especially in her relationships. She started doing drugs as a means of escape. Moreover, watching her mother slowly ebb away from a deadly disease took a toll on her. She soon fell into depression and drug/alcohol addiction. Wanting better for herself, she checked into rehab in England in 2003. She was successful with the program, mostly due to the support of her family members.

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It was confirmed that Charlotte married her long-time partner Alex Smith two weeks before her death in a secret wedding attended by family and close friends. The duo have two children -Isabella Sophie born 1998 and Lucas born 2005.

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Charlotte Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan and Charlotte – image source

What Happened To Charlotte Brosnan, How and When Did She Die?

Cancer is a very deadly disease which can happen to anyone and it is sometimes hereditary. Charlotte had watched her grandmother and mother battle ovarian cancer and lost the battle, not knowing she was going to soon battle the same disease.

Ironically, she was diagnosed with the fatal disease, just like her mother and grandmother. She began treatment in earnest with the hope to beat cancer but she, unfortunately, died after battling it for close to three years. Her doting father was heartbroken and devastated by yet another loss to cancer. In his statement, he describes her battle as one which was fought with courage, dignity, humanity, and grace. He also expresses his hope that a cure will be found soon.

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On the 28th of June 2013, Charlotte finally succumbed to the same death that claimed her mother’s life. At the time of her death, her family members (her father, husband, brothers, and children) were present.

From the outpour of love towards Charlotte and her family after her death, she must have really led an exemplinary life. At least, her daughter (Isabella) believes so and refers to her as her hero.

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