16 Going On 17: Sound Of Music Star Dies At 73

Reports today confirm that Charmian Carr, the beautiful star who played Liesl von Trapp in the 1965 Sound of Music Film has passed on at the age of 73.

According to the actor’s spokesman Charmian died on Saturday in Los Angeles from Dementia complications.

Charmian Carr was born in Chicago on Dec. 27, 1942. Her father was a musician and orchestra leader while her mother was a vaudeville actress. At the age of 13 her family moved to San Fernando Valley, California at the age of 13.

At the age of 23, she auditioned and landed the role for the Liesl von Trapp character in the Sound of Music film. She was a college student as at then.

Charmian Carr played the Liesl character, the eldest of the 7 children of Captain Von Trapp, played by Christopher Plummer.

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The legendary musical movie, which starred Julia Andrews as the lead character, has become an all time favorite. Charmian was the eldest of the 7 adorable children in the musical, and is reported to have played the role in reality.

In the words of Ted Chapin, president of the Rodgers and Hammerstein organisation,

“It’s always sad when a member of the family passes away and in the case of the ‘family’ of the movie The Sound of Music, it’s especially sad when it is the first of the group to go.”

“Charmian Carr played the oldest von Trapp child, and in some ways she maintained that role in real life guiding, cheering, supporting and generally being there for the rest of her ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’.”


One of the most loved scenes in the movie was where she performed “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” with her teenage love interest, Rolfe in a gazebo.


In another scene she sang with Plummer who played the role of her father in the musical movie.

After Sound of Music Charmian went on to have a successful acting and business career. She ran an interior decoration business. She has had big time clients like Micheal Jackson and Sound of Music screenwriter Ernest Lehman.


Charmian hosted the Sound of Music sing-alongs across the United States in the 2000’s. The event drew thousands of fans dressed as their favorite characters.

“I tell people that they should consider sing-a-long Sound Of Music like going to a therapist.”

“It’s just a kind of therapy. They can move around. They can dance and talk back to the screen. They can skip their appointment with the shrink that week.”- Charmian Carr

The deceased star is a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 4. She is also survived by other child actors who played the von Trapp children.