Dating is a period of exploration, of getting to know the person that you have decided to give a chunk of your time right now and maybe even more significantly in the future. Dating however involves dates and dates have this one unique quality of costing money.

Now while the following date ideas that we will share below is in no way encouraging you to be a cheapskate as giving and sharing freely is one of the ways that you express your love for a person, there should be no reason why a terrible economic crunch should steal all the romance and possibility of spending time from you and your partner.

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So here are five cheap and fun date ideas that cost little to no money but still cue you into more characteristics of your partner and enable you enjoy each other.

Movie Marathon Weekend

Invite your partner over and settle down to a movie watching marathon. Alternate movie choices, watch, laugh, criticize and just make a jolly good time of it. Movie preferences do tend to tell a lot about people and if for nothing you can tell your partner’s movie tastes and imagine what you could be subjected to a couple of years down the line.

Trilogy’s and series could prove more interesting as you follow the story line closely and help each other fill in missing pieces. If you don’t mind a little extra fun and silliness, you could even watch the movie on mute while the two of you improvise the language.

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Challenge Them To A Board Game

There are plenty of board games to pick and choose from, monopoly to scrabble. The possibilities are endless and when you are tackling them with someone you love they make for a fun, flirty endeavor.

Cook Each Other A New, Unknown Meal

There are millions of food recipes online from different cultures and places. Find one where some of the ingredients are available in your locality and have fun creating a new, unknown meal. There’s every chance it may turn out terrible or you could create something truly terrific. Either ways you are exploring with your partner and that is a good thing every time. You could also just buy the ingredients for you to both make variations of the same dish and have a cooking competition.

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Go For A Walk Together

Instead of commuting or driving around town, take a long, leisurely walk with your partner. Be committed to noticing the things around you and talking to each other and you will not even notice the time fly right by.

Visit Your Mutual Or Individual Friends

This list of cheap and fun date ideas would not be complete without this last idea that ensures that you and your significant other are comfortable around each other’s friends. Friends will reveal a lot of things about your partner and obviously they are a ton of fun to hand around.