5 Classes Of People Who Are Liable To Cheat In A Relationship

While some may argue that it is intrinsically given for everyone to cheat on their spouse, the decision to cheat in a relationship is obviously conscious to those in the act. Some consider it an outright vice, some regard cheating as normal human behaviour while others view it as a fundamental part of human life. There are however many reasons that cause individuals to engage in cheating in a relationship and different individuals have different reasons.

But, what are the main classes of people who are likely to cheat? What causes people to cheat? Find out as we explore this below.

People who are Likely to Cheat in a Relationship

1. People With Opportunity

Opportunity is one of the biggest factors that necessitate cheating in a relationship, especially where couples have completely different interests when it comes to career, books, travelling, friends, movies and so on. An individual in such an arrangement may tend to spend more time away from their partner and therefore is exposed to available opportunities to cheat. As they meet with other people who have similar interest as theirs, they share experience and sometimes become friends and might end up being attracted to them personally and cheat on their spouses in the end.

2. People With Power

Success in politics, academic, and monetary terms causes individuals to become people magnet, it seems natural for people to want to be associated with individuals who have a more comparative advantage than them. It’s not imaginary that with success, people tend to always have others surrounding them, looking for favours, advice or even money. Some might even have absurd desires of getting children with the coveted genes of the successful individuals and will do anything possible to sleep with them. These factors present themselves as opportunities to cheat for the people with power. Some people with unethical characters might also demand sexual favours before offering assistance, therefore, having it easy to cheat on their partners.

3. People With Desire for Intimacy

People with the desire for intimacy represent a group who are liable to cheat in a relationship and this is usually as a result of busy lifestyles that majority of people have adopted these days, thereby creating an intimacy gap between many couples. When one partner has a busy life and is always travelling or buried deep in his own interest, their partners start to develop desires for intimacy with other people who are available. When the desire is so strong, they might at times, go out and find people to satisfy their physical and emotional needs. This category of cheaters is driven by need rather than want.

4. People’s Attitude Towards Relationships

There is a class of people who consider love relationship as an important part of life that deserves maximum respect; the type that condones no form of cheating in a relationship. But, on the other side, there is a class of individuals who view love and relationships as a mere adventure in which the sole purpose is to conquer and capture as many territories as possible. The idea of having one partner is just strange to them. They will never let the chance to make anyone who gets intimate with them pass them by even though they are in a relationship with another person. The game of love to them is one with many players and not just two individuals.

5. People’s Personality

One’s personality may determine if they are likely to cheat on their partner. Persons who have carefree personality traits are more likely to cheat on their partners than those who are caring and it’s non of their concerns what damages their relationships will suffer. They simply do not mind the impact their actions will have on their partners. People in this class may use cheating as a way of detaching themselves from their relationship in order to get some space of their own and move on. Some have a clinging type of personality that forces them to seek intimacy from other people rather than their partner because they do not want to upset them with constant nagging for sexual gratification.

All in all, it all boils down to the nature of the relationship that people get into. The reasons why people are in a relationship also contribute largely to cheating. Cheating is prevalent in relationships that are simply based on arrangements, ones that have lifespans and the ones in which the partners are not bound by love but rather, by personal interests. Spending time together, loving each other in truth and being in it for life is a powerful remedy to cheating in a relationship or being cheated on.

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