How to Check Your KCPE Results Online

Eight years of primary education is marked by the grand examination commonly known as Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Just around the end of December of every year, the results are shown. Previously students have had one way of getting to know their results. Back then guys would have to go up to the centre at which they did their exams in order to access the results.

In regards to the excitement and tension during the release of results, going to your exam centre seems not to be a thrilling idea. When your school had so many students, it meant that there would be a very long queue of students. This is a very time-consuming process and keeps the students on their toes with tension.

In regards to the above, there have been different ways that one can check his or her results. In this article, I am going to guide you on How to Check Your KCPE Results Online.

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How to Check Your KCPE Results Online


First, there are some basic requirements needed before you can get your KCPE results online. One is a computer; this is definitely needed to access the internet. It can be your own personal PC or laptop or even through a PC at a cyber café. If you’ll be using a Home Computer then you will obviously need a source of internet connectivity. You can outsource from Safaricom one of the leading internet service providers in Kenya. As a student you got to have an index number, this is key for anyone to take a KCPE examination. It is also very valid if you are going to get your results online.

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Procedure for Checking KCPE Results

To be able to get your results online please follow these simple guidelines and you will be good to go. First, you have to open the World Wide Web; you can do this using any browser, it can be Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or even Opera browser. If you will be using the Firefox or Internet explorer ensure that they are up to date because some of these websites have files that need a plug-in to open up well.

For you to be able to check your KPCE result online, you must know how to access the internet you need to know the website to use, small confusion will get you in circles especially if you don’t have experience in such matters. KNEC is the only organizational body that is responsible for the Kenya National Examinations and the only legitimate website you can find your KCPE result is theirs; this is the point where you should get it right for you to get any viable results. For URL use this address on the address bar “ ” this is an easy and more direct way to open the site rather than Google searching and then being given a bunch sites to choose from,  you might end up wasting a lot of time trying to get to the right site.

It is the official KNEC website and one can use this site to get other various results that are under the KNEC body,  so ensure to take note. On the web page, there is a drop-down menu that asks you to select exam, ensure that you select the KCPE option. Then select the year you did your examination at the next drop-down menu. Finally, enter your correct Index number at the third drop-down menu and select the submit button.

The KNEC database will query this information and display your results. You can choose to print the report you get from this website that is if you have a printer at your disposal, if not you can save the report on a flash disk or even in the computer you are using and print it later.

Advantages of getting your results online

The easy way of doing this from the comfort of your home is what makes it so interesting, you save a lot of time that you would go pile up with other students scrambling for the results.


It is only a provisional result, and you will be required to pick the original result slip from your examination centre.

Getting your examination result online is very easy, you just follow the above simple steps and you will get your results in no time. Take note to use the right web address and definitely the correct Index number.

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