How Tall Is Cher, Who Are Her Children And How Much Is She Worth?

There are very few women, nay, people, alive today who can match Cher’s history and impact in the American entertainment industry. Since making her debut as a singer in 1963 and breaking through two years later with I Got You Babe, Cher has been on a roll. From music to acting to fashion, she has conquered multiple areas of entertainment, earning a lot of money from it as well as a coronation as the Goddess of Pop.

Her successes are not all professional. On a personal level, she had a notable relationship with Sonny Bono, and she is a mother of two. Both of them have also gone on to carve successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Cher Has Two Children From Two Marriages

Cher had a child from each of her two marriages. Her union with Sonny Bono will forever be known for the music, but it also produced a child – Chaz Salvatore Bono. He was born on March 4, 1969, five years into Cher and Bono’s 11-year marriage.

Her second child, Elijah Blue Allman, was born on July 10, 1976. He was born one year into her marriage with the singer-songwriter, Gregg Allman. They were together for four years – between 1975 and 1979.

Chaz Salvatore Bono is a Trans American Writer/Actor

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Chaz was born a girl in Los Angeles, California. Influenced by his parents’ sizeable entertainment careers, he took an interest in music as a teenager and was part of the band, Ceremony. Via the band, Chaz has one album to his name, Hang Out Your Poetry.

As an actor, he has starred in more than 16 movies and TV shows. His filmography includes American Horror Story, 3 from Hell, Reborn and The Bold and the Beautiful.

However, beyond his identity as Cher’s child, it is his work as an LGBT activist that makes Chaz Bono stand out. Before transitioning, he came out as a lesbian to his parents at 18. At the time, he went by the name, Chastity.

Although his sexual orientation had leaked to the press for years, Chaz came out officially in April 1995 and in 2008, he began his transitioning from female to male. He completed the process in May 2010 and has continued to speak out on LGBT issues ever since.

Using his privilege and influence, he has campaigned for politicians who supported LGBT rights, like Bill Clinton, promoted National Coming Out Day, and spoken against the Defense of Marriage Act. In a more professional capacity, he was a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, Entertainment Media Director for GLAAD and has written two books and co-written two others. They include Family Outing and a memoir, The End of Innocence.

Her Second Child is also a Professional Musician

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Her first child may have given music a try and dropped it later, but Elijah Blue Allman, her second offspring, has gone all the way. Born in Los Angeles, California, he is a member of the rock band, Deadsy. Elijah’s music career began in 1995 after he graduated from Hyde School in Maine. His first exposure to music professionally was at the age of 13. After Kiss’s Gene Simmons gifted him his first guitar, he went on a tour as a guitarist with Cher. Aside from the tour, he also appeared in the music video for If I Could Turn Back Time.

Before joining Deadsy, he auditioned for a spot among Nine Inch Nails but didn’t get it. As a member of Deadsy, he has two albums to his name – Commencement and Phantasmagore, released in 2002 and 2006 respectively. Aside from his work with Deadsy, which has been on hiatus since April 2007, he has also worked with Thirty Seconds to Mars. Cher’s second son also has vocal credits on songs by bands like Coal Chamber, Orgy, and Sugar Ray to his name.

Since 2013, he has been married to Mariangela King, a singer of the band KING. Before their relationship, Elijah Blue Allman dated Kate Hudson, Heather Graham, and Paris Hilton.

Cher is Worth Over a Quarter Billion Dollars

As mentioned earlier, you will hardly find an act that matches Cher’s historical impact on American entertainment. But you will also find very few acts that can match her wealth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cher has a net worth of $360 million, earned over six decades as an artist and entertainer.

As of 2018, one of the most recently available financial data about her, she made an average of $28 million a year. Her net worth and earnings have enabled luxuries like a $45 million Malibu mansion.

How She Makes Her Money

A quick look at one of the most significant contributors to Cher’s massive wealth would reveal a vibrant discography. She has sold more than 100 million records, with an industry record of at least one number-one single in six consecutive decades.

Being one of the biggest acts of all time, she has also made considerable sums from touring, once recording a revenue of $250 million from a tour. The Living Proof: The Farewell Tour remains one of the highest-grossing concert tours of all time. She also made $180 million for a residency tour in Las Vegas at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

As an actress, she has more than 50 credits to her name, including notable works like Mask, Mermaids, Moonstruck, and Burlesque. She also has a substantial record of appearances on Broadway, contributing to the legend and success of her career. Other sources of income include modeling and endorsements.

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Cher Has an Incredible Body for her Age

Metaphorically, Cher stands heads and shoulders above most musicians in the industry today. Physically, she has a more modest height – 5 feet 6 inches. But while her height might not be the most impressive fact about her, her body is.

Despite being in her septuagenarian years, Cher has the body of a younger woman. While having a $360 million net worth contributes to her admirable body, her discipline and physical strength have been noteworthy factors.

She is capable of holding a five-minute plank, a feat a lot of young adults can’t boast of. She also sticks to a vegetarian diet. Aside from pushing her body’s physical limitations and the vegetarian diet, Cher doesn’t smoke nor drink. An impressive feat in a profession known for its embrace of drugs and alcohol. Cher is also a surfer, a gym rat, and plays a lot of Wii Tennis.


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