Will The Latest Execution Of Nigerian Drug Trafficker In Singapore Deter Others?

Yet another Nigerian in diaspora has been killed for drug trafficking in Asia. Chijioke Obioha was just executed yesterday for trafficking drugs in Singapore.

A couple of months ago, Nigeria grieved over the execution of a national, Michael Titus Igweh in Indonesia over allegations of drug trafficking.

Chijioke will be the second Nigerian to be executed in Singapore over illegal drug dealings.

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Asian countries are sternly tackling drug trafficking. They go as extreme as possible with capital punishments to stress their zero tolerance for the crime; in hopes that it will serve as a deterrent for others.

Amnesty International came into Chijioke Obioha’s case but Singaporean government did not budge.

According to the Human Rights group, executing criminals is no guarantee that the crime in question will be effaced from the country.

“The death penalty is never the solution. It will not rid Singapore of drugs.

“By executing people for drug-related offences, which do not meet the threshold of most serious crimes, Singapore is violating international law.”


Chijioke Obioha was arrested in 2007. He was caught with over 2.6 kilograms of cannabis. The quantity surpassed the 500 grams which under Singaporean law provokes automatic presumption of trafficking.

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In 2008, he was charged to court, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. Chijioke filed an appeal in 2010, but it was dismissed.

His recent appeal for clemency was denied because of the quantity of drugs found on him. He was executed 2 days later. Chijioke was hanged in Changi Prison on Friday morning. Another Malaysian national who was convicted for a different drug offense was also executed.


A Roman Catholic Prison ministry in Singapore has claimed his burial.

In reaction to Chijioke’s execution, senior special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on foreign affairs and diaspora, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa warned Nigerians to learn from his heartbreaking killing.

“While we regret the death sentence passed on the Nigerian, we once again appeal to Nigerians to avoid crimes like drug trafficking with most countries especially in Asia declaring zero tolerance for drug trafficking.”

Regardless of the call to learn from the execution, many Nigerians blame the government for the death of Chijioke Obioha.