Mandera Buses' Attack

Recent Kenyan report says 6 people including children have been killed from the Mandera buses’ attack yesterday. Mandera is located north region of Kenya.

On Friday, 2 buses were attacked at Mandera, 900km from the capital, Nairobi. It is so sad that this incident happened just a day after a roadside bomb attack blew up a bus leaving about 18 people dead in neighbouring Somalia.

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North Eastern Regional Security Coordinator Mohammed Saleh says the buses were carrying about 90 commuters from Nairobi. The crime occurred around 10 am. 6 people have died and many left injured.

10 days ago it was also reported that about 5 police men were murdered in the same region by al-Shabaab terrorists.

A day before the Mandera buses’ attack, the U.S government issued a travel warning saying that “terrorist attacks involving shootings, grenades, or other explosive devices have occurred, killing and injuring many.”

The statement made a list of places that US citizens in Kenya should beware of – Mandera, Wajir and Garissa counties, the coastal counties of Tana River and Lamu and Nairobi’s Eastleigh neighborhood. They also mentioned that the coastal city of Mombasa’s Old Town should be avoided at night.

Recall that a couple more bus attacks have been perpetuated in the Mandera region. Thus the area is declared volatile at the moment.

Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked a bus in Mandera on November 22, 2014, and killed 28 non-Muslims commuters; while in December 2014 they also killed 36 quarry workers in Mandera town.

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According to Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow, the attacker who were armed with guns opened fire in the buses and did not stop in a hurry.

“There are a number of injuries that have been taken to the Mandera district hospital about 100km from where the attack occurred.”

Ever since the revenge mission of the al-shabaab militants in Kenya for sending their troops to Somalia, the extremist group have indiscriminately killed hundreds in the east African nation.

However, al-Shabaab has not claimed responsibility for the Friday Mandera buses’ attack.