China Is Set To Open A Terrifying Glass Bridge

China is building one of the most terrifying glass bridges ever and it’s almost complete.

The bridge is called the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. It is located above the Tianmenshan National Forest Park in the Hunan province of South China. It is 985 feet above the ground and has a glass sky walk that is 20 feet across.

The bridge is fitted with over 70 glass balls that weigh over 750 kilograms. The glass is fitted to prevent vibrations from getting in the way of the structure of the bridge.

Also, it has undergone over 100 safety drills to ensure the bridge was indeed safe enough to hold 800 people at least.

When the glass bridge is completed, it will garner 10 world records. Among them are, highest glass bridge in the world, longest glass bridge in the world, longest swing in Asia.

China Is Set To Open A Terrifying Glass Bridge

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For those on the wild side, the bridge will be the world’s highest bungee jump (another world record) and will also feature three of the world’s highest swings.

Joe Chen, the vice general manager of the Zhangjiajie Canyon Tourism Management Company, said: “It’s true that we will have a swing on the bridge and it’s not a swing but three swings, including one giant swing which has a total length of about 150 meters to 170 meters [490 feet to 560 feet.]”

Not only will the swings be built on the bridge, but the designer of the bridge Haim Dotan said that it would also serve as a runway for fashion shows–talk about a bizarre fashion show!

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The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge which was supposed to open in May was delayed due to heavy rainfalls. Although no particular new opening date has been set, Joe Chen said that the bridge could be opened by the end of June or in July.

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