China’s Land Airbus That Will Drive Over Cars During Traffic Is A SCAM

Being a hub of technological advancements is one sure way for a nation to set itself on the path to having an enviable status on the world stage. Last year, this site and a lot of others covered the very impressive Chinese Hover bus.

The Chinese Hover bus was heavily lauded for its projected ability to drive over cars and therefore solve traffic problems to an extent. It was an initiative that was first considered three years ago and then fizzled out but in 2016, top engineering and shipping firm in China, TBS, took up the cause of bringing the proposed Chinese hover bus to life.

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A simulated model of the Chinese Hover bus was exhibited at the China Beijing HighTech-Expo giving the impression that the innovation had already come to head with only a few kinks left to work out.

For China which has a massive traffic problem, all the hanging questions like the existence of bigger trucks and vehicles on the road and safety were offset by the fact that it was considered a practical remedy for traffic.

The Chinese hover bus was meant to commence operations from the second half of the year in Qinhuangdao city and it did drive around a few times as proof of its testing period. Since that time, however, the bus has been gathering dust on its test track in the middle of the street.

Chinese Hover Bus

Beijing Police has come out to announce that it was all a scam and are now holding 30 people that are linked to the company behind the PEB. If this is true, then the bus is definitely not going to become a reality anytime soon.

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As well as the sad possibility of the entire thing being a scam, more problems have joined the list of hindrances to the eventuality of the project. For one, vehicles would have had to wait for the mega bus to complete its maneuver when going around corners before they could continue on their own way.

Then there is the question of what will happen if cars should drive into the sides of the bus and the old problem of the height of vehicles; any vehicle taller than 2.2 meters (around 7ft) would be unable to pass under the TEB.