Chinese Racist Soap Commercial

A rather racist commercial has hit the internet and did not come across as funny for Africans. The Chinese racist soap commercial suggested that Africans should try out a bath with the local detergent to automatically transform to white.

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It is not a fairy tale that racial issues will probably take centuries to address and even worse arrive at nothing. To actually see an insensitive commercial at the recent civil dispensation is quite appalling.

The insensitive video blatantly ridiculed dark complexion. Going by what the video depicted, black color is as good as dirty. Take a look at this:


There are many ways to show the super-effectiveness of a detergent. This particular Chinese racist soap commercial is clearly not part of it. One would have thought that with the growing ties between the African continent and the most populous nation in the country, that such a thing will at most be imagined.

Unfortunately, this infamous Chinese racist soap commercial might negatively affect blacks who have issues with their natural complexion. It clearly proves that the bleaching epidermic has gone more global than we thought. The commercial might have been to publicize and promote a detergent but the impact has gone beyond it.

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First, it mocks the black race; literally calling the black color “dirty”. Secondly it indirectly justifies the bleaching epidermic. The media is revolutionizing the world. Sadly, the media has both directly and indirectly promoted the trend. The above commercial is a proof amongst many others.

It is not clear what must have motivated this Chinese racist soap commercial. In any case, nothing excuses the insensitivity of the producers and the Chinese media censorship team. This is an utter racial statement made on a global level.

Buzzfeed ranks the advertorial the Most Racist Ad Of 2016. At the same time the myriad of reactions on the internet, shows the commercial was more stupid than racist.