Chizoba Nwokoye Biography: Who Is the Nollywood Actress?

Chizoba Nwokoye (born 29th November) is a fast-rising Nigerian actress who works as a producer and director. She is one of the new faces to grace Nollywood, and with her performance in Pushed Into Marriage, which is her most prominent role to date, she proved that she would be a force to reckon with in the Nigerian film industry.

The stunning actress, who is also known as Sharon Chizzy, has worked alongside several veterans and well-accomplished actors in Nollywood. Asides from her acting career, Nwokoye seems to have a head for business and is doing quite well as an entrepreneur.

Summary of Chizoba Nwokoye’s Biography

  • Full Name: Chizobe Sharon Nwokoye
  • Nickname: Sharon Chizzy
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: November 29
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • State of Origin: Anambra
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Famous For: Acting-Pushed Into Marriage
  • Chizoba Nwokoye’s Instagram: @sharon_chizzy
  • YouTube Channel: Chizobanollytv

Chizoba Nwokoye Celebrates Her Birthday on November 29

Chizoba Nwokoye’s career in acting is relatively new, and as a result, there remains a lot of information on her life that the general public is not privy to. She also maintains a very low profile and keeps herself out of the news.

One piece of information that is not really known about this actress is her actual age. Nwokye’s age remains pretty much a mystery, but every year on the 29th of November, she celebrates her birthday much to the pleasure of her fans.


There is also not a lot of information on her family or the type of childhood that she had. What is known of the origins of Nwokoye is that she is Igbo and was born in Anambra state, where she was raised. She comes from a religious family where the primary religion is Christianity.

Her primary and secondary education was in Awka, Anambra state capital. For her higher education, she went to Delta State Polytechnic in Ogwashi-Uku, where she earned an HND in Journalism.

Chizoba Nwokoye’s Movie – Pushed Into Marriage Made Her Famous

The genesis of Chizoba Nwokoye’s career in acting remains largely unknown, but by the time she starred in the 2019 movie Pushed into Marriage, she had been in a number of films. In Pushed into Marriage, Nwokoye played the lead character, and that set the spotlight on her.


This was her first big break, and following this, she starred in a number of other films, where she played a diverse set of roles. In the film that made her popular, she was a village girl, and in subsequent films, she played other different kinds of characters.

List of Chizoba Nwokoye’s Movies

  • Without Trust
  • The Bitter and Sweet life of Teenagers
  • Same Blood
  • Bury Me
  • Pushed into Marriage
  • The Identical Twins
  • Singing Prodigy
  • Forbidden
  • Di Wayo: My Yahoo Husband
  • Perfect Love
  • Church Property
  • American Dream
  • Enemy of Progress
  • Egg of Love
  • Diary of an Orphan
  • Guardian Angel

Chizoba Nwokoye is a Flourishing Entrepreneur

Outside of her acting, Chizoba Nwokoye also runs her own businesses, which she calls Sharon Chizzy Productions and Sharon Chizzy Fashion World. The production company came to be in 2021, and one of the things she has made since she began this venture is the television show Young Dream, which is an ongoing series.

With her fashion brand, she mostly specializes in the creation of traditional clothes for men and children, she also delivers some of her outfits to people outside the country. Other clothes that she sells are 2 piece outfits for women in a range of patterns and colors.

Her business has been significantly successful as she recently acquired 2 cars within the space of one month. A feat that her fans proclaim has never been achieved by any other actress in the industry.

Is Chizoba Nwokoye on Social Media?

Chizoba Nwokoye maintains a moderately active presence on Social media, she primarily uses Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. As someone who understands showbiz, she keeps her fans abreast by being present but keeping things impersonal. She has also successfully monetized some of her accounts especially youtube.

Her Youtube account Chizobanollytv has more than 40 thousand subscribers, while on Instagram, she has about 331 thousand followers. On her YouTube channel, she covers happenings in the film industry and also posts some skits. In January of 2021, she reported that she lost control of her account as her Personal assistant stole her car, took some of her money, and logged her out of the YouTube channel.

This was a problem that she spoke about extensively and begged the public to help her with. It was not clear why her assistant did this, but this issue was quickly settled as she got her account and car back.

The content that she puts up on her YouTube channel is very much like the content on her Tiktok, skits, and videos from the sets of movies she is working on.

Little Is Known About Chizoba Nwokoye’s Relationship Status

Regardless of the fact that she is a rising star in Nollywood and has a huge following on social media, there is still a lot about Chizoba Nwokoye’s life that the public doesn’t have any knowledge of. Yet another thing that is unknown about her life is the state of her romantic life. It is common knowledge that she is unmarried, but there is no information on whether she is in a relationship or not.

In the course of her career, it has been rumored a number of times that she might be in a relationship with certain people, all of which have come out to be false. The rumors arose when people thought she was dating her co-stars, but it just turned out that outside of their work, the actress had no relationship with these men.

Is Chizoba Nwokoye a Twin to Stephanie Ekwu?

The rise of rumors from films is not very uncommon, and for actresses like Chizoba Nwokoye, who little is known of, her fans are wont to create stories from what they see on the screen. In the film Identical Twins, Chizoba Nwokoye plays a twin, and the actress who played her twin sister is Stephanie Ekwu. Both of them happen to share a very striking resemblance, and this is why they were cast in the roles they played.

However, this prompted some of their fans to believe that the two are actually sisters. This is something they have refuted. The two actresses also starred in another film, Inseparable, and this only helped to fuel the rumor.

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