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A baby boomer, Chris Berman remains one of the most recognizable sportscasters. Having been in the industry for more than three decades, NFL enthusiasts would undoubtedly be familiar with the sports pundit’s charismatic and ideal reporting. Find out facts you never knew about the award-winning and longtime ESPN anchor.

Chris Berman Bio, Age

Christopher James Berman from Connecticut was born on May 10, 1955. He is the son of James Kleiner Berman and Peggy Shevell. Though born in Greenwich, Chris was mostly raised in Irvington, New York. He had a comfortable upbringing as his father was a corporate executive while his mom was a journalist. For his academic records, the journalist first attended Hackley school and thereafter proceeded to study history at the prestigious Brown University. Irrespective of his specialization, Berman’s earliest links in broadcasting can be traced back to his college days where he served as the sports director for the school’s radio station.

Career Accomplishments

Fresh out of college, Chris Berman launched a career in broadcasting. A sports enthusiast, he first worked as a sports anchor for Hartford’s WVIT-TV where his charismatic reporting could not go unnoticed. He soon caught the attention of bigger networks and in 1979, Chris landed a new job with ESPN, just one month after the network was established. At ESPN, Berman rose through the ranks serving in different capacities hosting various programs such as the network’s first game show, the 1989 Baseball’s Super Bowl of Sports, Sunday NFL Countdown, as well as the Monday Night Countdown.

A dedicated and passionate journalist, Chris Berman gave ESPN a run for their money and has remained with the network for more than three decades. The sports pundit’s contract has expired and been extended at various points. Notably was the expiration in 2010 which was later extended to 2016. Again, after the 2016-17 NFL season, Berman was semi-retired but returned to ESPN in a more prominent role and with a reduced schedule after signing a new contract in January 2017.

The seasoned sports journalist’s industry efforts have sure been rewarded in different capacities. He is a recipient of a plethora of awards both at local and international levels. Among other honors, he is cumulatively a nine-time winner of the Sportscaster of the Year Award, from two different industry groups. More so, Berman was inducted into his ivy league alma mater’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1991.

How Was His Wife Killed?

A University of Connecticut graduate, Berman’s wife Kathy was a fourth-grade teacher who worked hard to overcome illiteracy in the Waterbury area back in the early 1980s. However, she ditched her teaching job and became a full-time homemaker for her kids in 1985.

Chris and Katherine Berman
Chris and Katherine Berman
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After more than 30 years together as man and wife, a devastating tragedy struck the Bermans. On May 9, 2017, Kathy died in a ghastly car accident at the age of 67. According to official reports, Berman’s wife was driving her Lexus SUV on a state road in Woodbury, western Connecticut when she suddenly crashed into another driver identified as Edward Bertulis.

The impact caused Kathy’s car to veer off the road and ended up in a nearby lake, while Edward’s car rammed into a pole. Berman’s wife was pronounced dead at the scene while Bertulis who was reportedly was on his way back from his wife’s gravesite was rushed to Waterbury Hospital. Unfortunately, the 87-year old later died from his multiple injuries.

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Chris Berman heard of Kathy’s demise hours later while he was enjoying a baseball game. The incident has undoubtedly left a big scar in the lives of the Bermans and for now, it remains uncertain if the sports journalist will ever be open to love again. While not totally ruling off the possibility of any tryst, Chris is currently presumed to be healing well while focusing on his decorated career.

Net Worth

Chris Berman has been in the industry for more than three decades and has unarguably established himself as a household name. The sportscaster who reportedly earns a salary of $5 million, has accumulated a net worth currently estimated at $20 million.


Chris Berman has a stout physique. The veteran sportscaster towers at an intimidating height of 6 feet 5 inches. However, his weight and other body measurements are unknown.

Other Facts

1. In addition to his job as a renowned sportscaster, Berman is also a brand influencer and has appeared in several commercials.

2. Berman was five years younger than his late wife. Kathy died at age 67 and a day before Chris’s 62nd birthday.

3. Some of the things that endeared the veteran sports journalist to many are his sensational mantras such as “whoop”, “back, back, back, back … gone!”, and “He…could…go…all..the..way!”, which have become now become standard NFL jargons.

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