What has Chris Gethard been up to Since His Show was Cancelled and Who is His Wife?

The name Chris Gethard shouldn’t be new or alien to you especially if you were a fan of the Chris Gethard Show which aired for almost a decade before being canceled. The comedian, writer, and actor have also made appearances on national shows like Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, Hope and Faith, Crossbills, and Big Lake.

He has also been popular for hosting the podcast Beautiful Anonymous and co-hosts another podcast – In Your Dreams. As a producer and writer, he is popular for works like The Other Guys (2010), The Dictator (2012), and Don’t Think Twice (2016). Here is how he climbed the ladder of fame, why his show got canceled, and what he has been up to ever since.

Chris Gethard Began Taking Classes At  Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre While Studying at Rutgers University

The Hollywood actor, comedian, and writer Chris Gethard attended West Orange High School and later Rutgers University. During his time at the Old Queen’s, he enrolled for a make-shift acting training at Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater.

During the course of his studies at Citizen’s Brigade Theater, he became a member of The Stepfather – a long-form make-shift team. He later wrote a web series named The Most Awkward Boy In The World, the show starred one of his Stepfathers’ co-star, Zach Woods. It was at the theatre that he came across some individuals that later became instrumental in the launching of his self-titled talk show The Chris Gethard Show, produced by Comedy Central.

The Chris Gethard Show Began as a Live Piece but Metamorphosed into a Phone-In Comic Talk-Show

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater actually holds a special place in Gethard’s heart; he began training as an actor there and it was also at the theatre he conceived and birthed his self-titled talk show – The Chris Gethard Show.

The show which was initially started as a live show at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater eventually metamorphosed into a phone-in comic talk-show. Lots of people whom Chris has featured on his show were people he met while at the theater. When the show was in the theater, it got a lot of attention but soon the numbers began to drop and Chris, faced with this dilemma, had to do something real quick.

In his quest to find a solution; he consulted a friend who suggested he moved the show over to a public access television. After thinking it through, Chris decided to give it a try and this turned out to be a good idea. In 2011, June 22nd precisely, The Chris Gethard’s Show premiered on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). The Show immediately got huge followership and a passionate community a few months after its debut. The show soon became regular and continued to run for the next four years on MNN. During this period some fans of the show went on to become part of the cast and crew on the show.

With the show gaining more popularity, Chris moved it away from the public access channel to a pay television channel, Fusion TV in 2015. There were some notable changes which he did to the show, this includes some time cut and the hosting of famous guests and musical artists. In 2017, truTV got the right to air the show.

The Show Got Cancelled After Two Seasons on truTV and here is Why

Just when fans were getting used to having the show on truTV, it got canceled in 2017. In a long Facebook post, Chris Gethard revealed that the cancellation was necessary due to the show’s poor rating on the network. There appeared to have been a lot of interference on the script of the show which affected the show negatively.

Although ending the show really hurt Chris so much, He stated that the decision to move forward from the show was a mutual one between him and the network. “But some executives from truTV sat me down a few weeks after this most recent batch of episodes and said, “We’re getting the sense from your final speech, and from some of our behind the scenes conversations, that you might be done with this project.” I told them they were right, So, it’s a mutual decision”, he added.

He has been up and Doing Since the Cancellation

Ever heard the quote ‘tough times don’t last, tough people’? Yeah, that is one way to describe Chris’ tenacity in moving on with life after the cancellation of his show. After the show ended, Chris got involved in other things. Don’t forget he is also an actor, a comedian, and a writer.

He currently hosts Earwolf’s podcast, In Your Dreams and Beautiful/Anonymous, and has also taken up some acting roles in a couple of American comedy television series which include Career Suicide, Planet Scum, and Chris Gethard Presents. As an actor, he has also appeared in May The Best Man Win (2009) as Tommy and played Dr. Jordan Reed in Phil Alden’s movie The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2013).

In addition to his thriving acting and comedy career, Chris Gethard has penned some successful books. He authored Weird NY, a book that tells the story of ghosts and legends of New York. He also wrote A Bad Idea I’m About To Do, detailing events about his life. His book Lose Well, was published in 2018. Thanks to his versatility, Gethard has money coming in from other sources since his show got canceled. His net worth has been estimated at $1.5 million.

He is Married to a Songwriter/Singer

Chris Gethard
Chris Gethard with his lovely wife Hallie and Son Caleb David Gethard – Instagram

Chris Gethard is married to songwriter/singer and instrumentalist, Hallie Bulleit. She was the leader of the band that played on his show. Although there is no info about her parents, siblings, and early life, it’s however, a well-known fact that she is a New Yorker and also studied improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and also trained in voiceover techniques. Bulleit graduated with distinction in Drama and Music from Kenyon College.

Beyond the show, Hallie’s band has toured the world with bands like The Unlovable and Hiccup, and The HissyFits. Some of her songs have been aired on MTV and have been featured on some children’s shows on Cartoon Network.  Mrs. Gethard has also appeared in a couple of movies like The Sunshine Deli and Grocery,  I’ll Come Running, Neurotica, Don’t Think Twice, etc

The Couple Met On The Chris Gethard Show

Chris and Hallie met on the set of The Chris Gethard Show. She was the bandleader of The Chris Gethard Show. Chris himself confirmed this during his lengthy Facebook post explaining why the show was canceled; “… I met my wife through the show” he said.

They dated for a while before they decided to seal it off officially on 30th August 2014. They were joined by Murf Meyer, who is also a member of his show. After five years of being married, the couple in April 2019  welcomed their first bundle of joy, a son, named Caleb David.

Other Facts About Chris Gethard that You May Find Interesting

He Battled Depression/Alcoholism as a Teenager

Growing up Chris found himself disconnected from happenings around him with persistent gloominess and dark thoughts. He thought listening to so many mopey Morrissey songs would help and that he could even become a fifth member of the band. His depression soon worsened as he began to drink and even contemplated suicide. Thank goodness that he opened up about his struggles and got help.

In August 2016, Gethard participated in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the first time and performed his show Career Suicide where he shared his experiences of depression, alcoholism, and suicide attempts.

He is Abysmally Weird

The actor is a confirmed weirdo. He was reported to have hitchhiked all the way from Los Angeles to Bonnaroo in Tennessee. He relied on nothing but people’s goodwill. Chris then recorded and uploaded the whole event on his YouTube channel.

He is an expert when it comes to interacting with his fans. He has once invited a woman to join his show after the woman asked what the show was all about during the phone-in session. The woman would come to appear on the show for 4 months. After this, Chris started inviting random fans to join the show for fifteen episodes each.

He is a staunch fan of The Smiths Rock Band

The comedian is a big fan of the English rock band founded in Manchester, in 1982. He actually has two tattoos relating to the band inked on him. On his right shoulder, he has the signature of the band’s vocalist tattooed there, and he inked ‘it takes strength to be gentle and kind’ on his right bicep. The words were lifted from the lyrics of I Know It’s Over – a song done by the band.


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