All The Ways Chris Hayes Has Stayed Relevant as a Journalist, His Net Worth and Family Life

American progressive journalist, commentator, and author, Chris Hayes is a popular face at the Microsoft National Broadcasting Company. On MSNBC, Chris is the weekday news anchor; host of the opinion program, All In with Chris Hayes, and former host of weekend show, Up with Chris Hayes. Hayes is also an editor-at-large of legendary US weekly magazine, The Nation.

Chris attended Hunter College High School, after which he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Brown University in New York. It did not take him long after this to start his career as a journalist, which he has since remained relevant thanks to his broad involvement in the media circles as a print journalist, TV cable host, author, and even more.

Chris Hayes Started His Career As A Print Media Journalist

Hayes kicked off his career in 2001 as a contributor to Chicago Reader, an independent weekly newspaper. There, he covered both national and local politics, serving for four years. While working as a weekly newspaper contributor, Hayes was also a senior editor of the labor-focused monthly magazine, In These Times where he later rose to the rank of a writing fellow.

In 2006, Chris began writing at The Nation Institute, while also making contributions to their weekly magazine, The Nation. On 1st November 2007, Chris Hayes became The Nation’s Washington, D.C editor, succeeding David Corn. Hayes extensively writes on issues of high importance among the liberal community. Some of his notable write-ups include setbacks and challenges faced by the Democratic Party during the 9/11 era. He also wrote on the efforts of progressive activists to regain the consciousness and vigor of the public option during the 2009-2010 health care battle.

His Cable TV Career Started With MSNBC

In July 2010, Hayes guest-hosted The Rachel Maddow Show. He has also guest-hosted several other MSNBC shows such as Countdown with Keith Olbermann, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, and The Ed Show. He gave credit to Rachel Maddow for his career as a host on MSNBC.

By August 1, 2011, MSNBC gave him his own morning show after describing him as one of the thoughtful analysts and among the smartest journalists. Consequent to this, Chris started to host a two-hour weekend morning show that bordered on current issues. Then on 17th September 2012, he launched Up With Chris Hayes, featuring a live interview with the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Chris Hayes rose pretty fast with MSNBC; in 2013, he was offered the slot of Ed Schultz who moved to the weekends. Hayes started All In with Chris Hayes, with the hopes that he could attract more audience for MSNBC than did Ed. The slot was offered to him when he was only 34, which meant he was the youngest on any major TV cable to have his own prime-time show. Two years after he started, he clinched an Emmy in 2015, and then in 2018, he repeated the same feat.

Chris Hayes Is An Author and He Also Runs His Own Podcast

Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes and Errol Louis (Image Source)

Apart from his job as a TV show host, Chris is also an author, which is not surprising since his first passion was to become a writer. He has published his first book Twilight of the Elites America After Meritocracy in June 2013. His second book, A Colony in a Nation was published in March 2017. He also worked as a junior professor of English at St. Augustine College in Chicago.

In addition to that, he has a Podcast, Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes which he started in 2018. Since then, it has grown almost rapidly. He discusses a broad range of issues on the show in which he also invites guests to have interactive sessions, debates, and interviews with other journalists, activists, politicians, and experts among many others.

The Family Life Of Chris Hayes Is As Great As His Professional Life

Born Christopher Loffredo Hayes on 28th February 1979 in Norwood, New York City, his parents, Roger and Geri Hayes raised him in New York alongside his two other brothers, Luke and Lynn Hayes. His mother worked as a school teacher, but later joined the New York City Department of Education, while his father spent many years in the New York Community Service Society in New York. He, however, later moved to the NYC Department of Health as an assistant commissioner.

Chris Hayes has gone on to build his own family and has maintained a great family life for more than a decade now. In 2007, he got married to Kate Shaw, an associate professor of law at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Kate’s father, Andy Shaw is a veteran Chicago reporter.

Before kate, Chris had never been in any publicly-known romantic relationship. The two first met during his college days at Brown University where she also attended and graduated magna cum laude with a BA in 2001. They would go on to date for quite a long time before finally deciding to tie the knot.

Inasmuch as he is the famous one, Hayes described his wife as the most accomplished member of the family. Among her accomplishments, she once worked under the Barack Obama administration, serving in the White House counsel’s office. Also, at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, she teaches election law, administrative law, and election law among other things.

With Kate Shaw, Chris Hayes has three children – two girls and a boy. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ryan Elizabeth Shaw-Hayes in November 2011. Then in March 2014, they had their son David Emmanuel. Their last child, daughter Anya Shaw-Hayes later arrived in January 2018.

His General Involvements In The Media Have Earned Him A Good Net Worth

Chris Hayes has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Chris earns quite an attractive salary for his show on MSNBC. averages MSNBC hosts’ annual salaries between $49,245 to $54,644, a range within which Hayes’ pay packet possibly falls. Based on this, he is believed to be earning around $6 million per annum.

Apart from that, his earnings are further bolstered by the other things he is involved in, including his books which have not only gotten good reviews but have also recorded good sales. The exact amount he has pulled in from his books is not known, just as his earnings from his podcast.

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