Chris Heria Personal Details: About His Wife, Height & Ethnicity Background

In this generation, keeping fit has become one of the major criteria for being hale and hearty. In fact, most occupations these days are majorly concerned with one’s body mass, weight and looks. Unlike the past where most people have to register in a gym to keep fit, social media has made it quite easy to engage in body fitness exercising and regimens from the comfort of one’s home. All thanks to various social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube as well as the diverse physical fitness coaches. One of such coaches is Chris Heria, the founder and CEO of Officialthenx, a physical fitness program that helps out with fitness routines. He is also the founder of Miami Trainer, the Calisthenics Academy, and also the Calisthenics Evolution Institute. Read on to learn more about the fitness coach.

Chris Heria’s Bio, Ethnicity and Age

Born in Miami on December 21, 1991, and christened as Christian D. Heria, the elegant body trainer hails from Florida and studied at St. Brendan High School where he graduated in 2008. Like every normal child who takes interest in one occupation or the other, Chris Heria showed interest in physical fitness as a child. Soon, this hobby turned out to be the real deal for him as it took him flying across countries for competitions while training a lot of people as well as meeting already established fitness enthusiasts.

Representing the United States, Chris Heria was amongst the many who competed for the world championship street workout competition. He is also noted as a pro bar athlete and has also being a tutor in most of the pro bar athletes competitions, teaching in diverse seminars and workshop. That’s not all, Heria also makes a few pennies as a personal trainer.

With time, Chris Heria realized that he had gathered enough knowledge and experience with everything that had to do with body fitness and further decided to open a fitness school – Calisthenics Academy – in Miami, Florida. There, he offers personal training sessions that include calisthenics and weights lifting. Also, the fitness enthusiast runs a YouTube channel, Officialthenx, having over two million subscribers and a lot of views.

Despite the fact that Chris Heria is good at what he does, he has also been criticized for some of the training exercises uploaded on his channel which his critics claim to be false. One of such routines that were quite captivating and controversial at the same time was his post on YouTube titled 8 minutes work out to burn belly fat 2018 where he revealed an abdominal, high-intensity workout that builds the abs and burns belly fat. This video, however, was heavily criticized.

Chris Heria works as a representative of Barstarzz as a sponsored athlete. He is also a business entrepreneur and created an app that helps out with work out plans via a visual explanatory routine. He deals with buying and selling of promotional material as well as T-shirts.

Does He Have A Wife, Girlfriend or any Kids?

Inasmuch as Chris Heria has built a very successful career by impacting others on living healthy, he has decided to keep the affairs of his family life swept under the carpet. However, it is a known fact that most fitness trainers are often said to hang around women but that is not the case with Chris which has given rise to speculations about his sexuality.

Chris Heria
Chris Heria and Zen

Apparently, the fitness trainer seems not to be much of a fairy tale fan, however, there seem to be a post of him on Facebook where he posed with a female athlete with the caption, “Super Couples”. That post spurred a lot of questions in the air, till date, no one knows if the two are an item or not but we are certain that Chris Heria has a baby boy named Zen who was born to him sometime in 2011.

His Height and Weight

Being a body fitness trainer, you can take a sure bet that Chris Heria has the perfect body structure any man could have. He is a lover of tattoos and he also prefers the lone world with his son, Zen. Chris stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 75 kg.


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