Here’s How Chris Jacobs Has Diversified His Hosting Career and Facts About His Engagement

The world of network television can be a cutthroat one. You continuously have to bring your A-Game or some other fast-rising wannabe will be drafted to replace you. That is why anyone who has succeeded in the industry, deserves a lot of kudos for their hard work and resilience, and so does Chris Jacobs. The popular TV personality first began his career as an actor before becoming a TV host in the early 2000s. He has gone on to host several TV shows in the course of his career and is famously known for his works on Overhaulin’ and Long Lost Family.

How Chris Jacobs Became a Media Personality

Chris Jacobs began his career on TV with the dawn of the new millennium. In 2004, he was made the co-host of the automotive reality TV series, Overhaulin.’ The show revolves around a team that picks up a beat-up car, they repair, remodel, and transform it into a better version. The pleasantly-surprised owner is then reunited with his beautiful car. Overhaulin’ initially ran from 2004 to 2008, during which Jacobs served as co-host.

The show was temporarily rested between 2008 and 2012 but has since returned with Jacobs as host once more. During the interstice of Overhaulin’, Chris Jacobs became a co-host of the American syndicated news magazine, The Insider in 2009. He hosted the show with Lara Spencer until 2011 that he jumped ship to become Entertainment Tonight’s correspondent on March 5th.

Following the return and premiere of the sixth season of Overhaulin’ on October 2nd, 2012, the handsome host resigned from his duties at ET to assume his role as the host of Overhaulin’. The show, which is currently in its tenth season, has brought much popularity to Jacobs who has continued to co-host the show with Chip Foose.

Long Lost Family & Other Shows That Catapulted Him To Stardom

Since 2013, Chris Jacobs has hosted several popular TV shows aside from Overhaulin’, and this has established him as a force to reckon with in the television industry. He has hosted various sports programs on the NFL Network, including NFL AM, and Up to the Minute. The Chicago native also hosted many Discovery Networks’ Live events, including Space Launch Live, Chopper Live, Skywire Live, Klondike Live, Skyscraper Live, and Gold Rush Live before he was shot to fame as the co-host of Long Lost Family with Lisa Joyner in 2015.

The American documentary TV series, Long Lost Family, assists people who are looking for their estranged loved ones. The entire process, starting with the estrangement background, the search, and the eventual reunion, are documented and televised. What makes the show unique and intriguing is the emotions involved in finding a lost family member before the reunion.

Chris Jacobs has recounted his own story on the show. He disclosed that he got to meet his birth-mom when he was 22 years old. Other shows he has hosted include Long Island Medium (2016), Long Lost Family: What Happened Next (2017), Expedition Unknown (2019), Best of Top Gear (2019), and Diesel Brothers (2019-2020).

Before His TV Career, Chris Jacobs Worked as an Attorney

Although he owes his fame to his works on television, Chris didn’t start his career on TV. Instead, the TV star worked as an attorney in California. As the story goes, Christopher Keith Jacobs, who was born on the 30th of January 1970, grew up in Glencoe, Chicago, Illinois. Even though his parents or siblings names are not available, we do know that he has three brothers and two sisters. It must be stated that the TV personality was adopted as a child when he was just a year and two months old. Ironically, Jacobs is a co-host of the documentary TV series, Long Lost Family.

As a teenager, Chris had his education at various schools, including New Trier High School, Winnetka, and Cranbrook School, Bloomfield Hills. While in school, he was both athletically and artistically inclined. After he graduated high school, Jacobs relocated to California at the age of 18. While there, he studied the English language at Whittier College. Upon completing his degree, Jacobs joined the College of Law at Western State University. He wrapped up his studies in record time and became a member of the California state bar in 1995; albeit, he has been inactive since 1999.

Jacobs Has Also Appeared in a Plethora of Movies

Despite being his stints as an attorney and media personality, Chris Jacobs is also a talented actor. He launched his acting career in the mid-90s, and his very first role came in the 1995 political thriller, Nick of Time. The movie featured Johnny Depp as a widowed accountant, who is blackmailed by his daughter’s kidnappers to kill the state governor.

He eventually warns the governor about the threat to his life and rescues his daughter. Since Nick of Time, Chris Jacobs has gone on to star in a host of other movies and TV shows, including The Party Crashers (1998), The X-Files (2000), Touched by an Angel (2001), Two and a Half Men (2003), 44 Minutes (2003), and Happily Divorced (2012), among others.

A Look At His Relationship with Ivy Teves

The renowned TV star is neither single nor married, rather he is engaged to a model named Ivy Teves. Although Teves was born in the Philippines, she grew up in California and has Filipino and Chinese heritage. Ivy started modeling at the age of 15 and has appeared in high profile photoshoots, as well as on the runway. She is also a martial arts enthusiast and has a black belt in taekwondo. She currently serves as an ambassador for World Poker Tour on Fox Sports Network.

The TV Star Proposed To Ivy in Front of Chicago Cubs Fans

Jacobs and Ivy started dating in December 2015 after meeting on Instagram. Eight months later, in August 2016, Chris popped the “Big Question.” The lovely proposal took place at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, in the presence of over 40,000 people in the arena and millions of people watching from home.

Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs proposing to Ivy Teves at Wrigley Field (Image Source)

It happened when Jacobs, who was to throw the first pitch in the Cubs game against Los Angeles Angels that fateful day, knelt on one knee and proposed to Ivy, who accompanied him to the mound, with a one-and-a-half carat princess cut ring.

During an interview with Chicago Tribune, Chris Jacobs said that his proposal was bigger than throwing out the first pitch as he was nervous when he brought Ivy to the mound. On the other hand, Ivy Teves disclosed that she was in shock and couldn’t fathom what was going on at that moment as she cried and said yes.

Chris Jacobs’ Alleged Break up With His Fiancee

Recently, it has been alleged that Jacobs and Teves are no longer together. With Ivy Teves posting a cryptic image with the caption “the best apology is changed behavior” on her Instagram account in December 2017, and subsequently pictured without her engagement ring on an Instagram picture she shared in early 2018, rumors about the couple’s separation began making rounds in the media. However, both parties have neither confirmed nor refuted the rumors.

Also, the World Poker Tour ambassador has reportedly taken down all photos of Chris Jacobs on her Instagram account except the one that featured Chris with his friends in May 2017. On the other hand, the Long Lost Family co-host appeared to have returned the gesture by deleting her photos on his Instagram, leaving only the one from their engagement day with the then Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Maddon. Currently, it’s yet to be ascertained if Chris and Ivy are still together or if he has moved on to another relationship.

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