Meet The 23-Year Old Nigerian Who Refused A Job Offer From The World’s Richest’s Microsoft

Before anyone invites you to be part of Microsoft, you most definitely have what it takes to be a part of the highly-placed tech-team. Chris Kwekowe had it, was given the offer, but he turned it down. Who does that?

Chris Kwekowe is a brilliant computer science guru. The budding tech-entrepreneur ditched a software engineering job offer at Microsoft for his own start up, Slatecube. Slatecube is a website aimed at helping other young Nigerians find jobs.

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With the partnership of his 20-year old brother, Emerald, Slatecube became a reality in October 2014. The brothers self-funded the project, working as freelance web designers and running their own software solution enterprise.

It is one thing to say no to Microsoft but the courage to tell the world’s richest man to his face that you snubbed a job in his prestigious firm is super bold.

Bill Gates met with young African entrepreneurs in August and Chris was one of them. Amongst other business topics, the young man told Bill how he had refused the job offer.

“When I told him, Gates was intrigued and he smiled. After the programme, all the directors were like, ‘Dude, you mean you actually turned down a job at Microsoft and had the guts to tell Bill Gates?”

Chris Kwekowe is definitely a rising star with a daunting entrepreneurial spirit. While there are billionaires who are incapable of bridging the unemployment gap in Nigeria, this 23-year old tech-whiz is making a contribution to that regard.

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At the beginning of the year, Nigerian statistics revealed that out of 90,000 graduates, 45% were unemployed. It is his burning desire that the percentage goes down for good.


Chris is the 2015 winner of Pan African Anzisha award with a sumptuous $25,000 prize.

He may have turned down the job offer but not a partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“My favorite moments were watching his reaction after I told him I turned down job offers from Microsoft and the likes to pursue something more defining for me,”

“Anyways, we’d be working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make our value proposition at Slatecube a pan-African privilege.”