Get To Know Chris Potoski – A Loving Husband, Father and Successful Businessman

Chris Potoski is a man that has seen it all in the business sector, call him a business tycoon and you’d not be far from the truth. The founder and Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Tracey Jordan Properties is a man whose business versatility has made him a juggernaut in that lucrative sector. He has also gained tangible success in the adult film industry for his exploits. Read on to learn more about the loving husband of Brandi Love.

Get To Know Chris Potoski The Successful Businessman

Chris Potoski is not only successful as a businessman but he has over the years made name for himself as an adult film star. He was born in 1972 in the United States. There is no clear record of his basic and high school education. He, however, attended and graduated from Central Michigan University where he bagged a bachelor’s degree and double major in Physiology and Kinesiology.

He Began His Career in the Health Sector

As far back as 1995, Chris began his career as the Director of Business Development in curative health services precisely in January of 1995. Five years later he left in December of 1999 to join the National Healing Corporation where held the position of the Vice President of the Business Development. Chris remained committed to his position for close to five years. After he had garnered the necessary business tips and managerial skills, he moved to start up his own company in 2004.

His company known as No Rivals Media launched operations in 2004 and Chris was at the helm of its affairs from 2004 till 2008. While also doing well in his business, he auditioned and earned a role in a television series Penn and Teller.

His Other Businesses

In the course of Chris Potoski’s business endeavors, he ventured into the hospitality industry where he co-founded and established Tracey Jordan Properties alongside his wife, Brandi Love. It owns a classic and luxurious hotel that offers comfort to their teaming clients.

With the rapid transformation of the world into an ICT driven community, Chris also acquired TJC Assets Management, thus he became the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The organization manages the digital media assets of various clients.

His company currently manages over 200 terabytes of digital media of corporate, private and individual clients. The company’s areas of services include software licensing, social media management, assets management, domain management as well as content management.

With his vast knowledge and contributions in ICT, Chris has paid his dues in making the world a global village. He has indeed shown that he a successful businessman as his various endeavors have panned out well in over the years.

How Much Is He Worth?

The American business tycoon has a net worth estimated to be between $8 million to $10 million. Obviously the sources of his income are his various jobs as a business developer,

He Is Indeed A Loving Husband and Father

Chris Potoski is not just a successful businessman, but he is a loving husband and father who is a happily married man. He wedded Brandi Love, on February 10, 1994. Brandi Love was born as Tracey Lynn Livermore on March 29, 1973, in Raleigh, North Carolina, America. She grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and got her education from Central Michigan University. The mother of one and former model is also an adult movie actress widely known for her pornographic features in Girlfriends films. Her other productions appearances include BrazzersHustler Video, and many other porn movies.

Chris Potoski
Brandi Love, Chris Potoski wife Image Source

She starred alongside her husband Chris in Penn & Teller: Bullshit. She has also authored a book titled Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman. The couple’s only child, a daughter was born in 2003. At the moment, both Chris and his wife are full time into porn. Chris made the decision of joining his wife in the illicit business after he survived from a heart attack that made his doctor talk him into changing a career, thus, he opted for porn.

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The Contention to Keep their Daughter

As a result of Chris and his wife’s profession as porn stars, Chris’ in-laws made an attempt to take their daughter from them so as preserve her morality.

They contacted child protection services to rescue the daughter but after a series of investigations, the authority found nothing compromising about the child’s immediate environment that could be a cause of concern for the child, hence they allowed them to keep and raise their daughter.

Due to their inability to secure legal representation in their child custody case with the social service because of the nature of their trade, they were prompted to set up a website to help get such services for other adult film professionals. The site was called the Parent In Adult.

His Height 

For anyone to venture into the Porn industry, they must have a certain body appeal or physique. Patoski stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches (1.70m) tall, almost the same as his wife.

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