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The American Chris Sacca is a famous man who has worked his way to becoming a venture investor, company advisor, entrepreneur and public speaker. He is a proprietor of an American venture capital fund, Lowercase Capital, and a onetime Head of Special Initiatives at Google inc. He is recognized to have invested in several companies while they were still trying to strive at an initial stage. Some of the renowned establishments include Instagram, Twitter, Uber, Stripe, Blue Bottle in addition to Kickstarter among dozens of others.

Besides all the above mentioned, Sacca is known for several things as well. Some of which include his regular seen button-down shirts – ‘cowboy shirt’. Aside from being known for his investments and entrepreneurship skills, he is known for his several appearances in Forbes magazine, Business Week and Vanity Fair. He was listed among the Forbes’ Top Investors. He made history becoming the youngest person on the list which included 99 others (2011)

Chris Sacca Biography (Age)

Christopher Sacca was born on May 12, 1975, to a lawyer father and a professor mother. Despite being born and bred in America, his origin is traced to Italy.

While growing up, Chris Sacca and his brother Brian Sacca, an actor and comedian were stimulated to do jobs that were innovative. Their parents made them study hard and opened their minds to things beyond the classroom by making them visit science museums or even book-reading events.

His educational background was solid and had always shown a keen interest in mathematics even while in Lockport High School. Because of his success and love for mathematics, he decided to enroll at the State University of New York where he studied Advanced Mathematics.

Chris Sacca continued his educational quest at The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington DC., and upon his graduation in 1997, he became an Edmund Evans Memorial Scholar and a Weeks Family Foundation Scholar. Following this, he obtained a Juris Doctor cum laude and was as well a member of The Tax Lawyer law review while he was at the Georgetown University Law Centre.

Chris Sacca’s entrepreneurship journey began while he was in law school where he took a loan to start a business. However, the company which was started with the student loans he received did not blossom as thought. Nevertheless, Chris Sacca was not discouraged by the failure, rather, he channeled the remaining funds he had into the stock market.

In 1998, however, he explored and learned a flaw in the software of online trading brokers where he was able to turn a little sum of money into a huge amount of dollars. Unfortunately for Chris Sacca, the market that seemed to be progressing crashed and left him in debt of $4 million, money he took a loan from friends.

Chris Sacca was lucky enough to get himself a job shortly after the market crash. He worked shortly for Fenwick and West. He started his Salinger Groupand later a role with Google in 2003 where he started as Corporate Counsel. He became Google’s Head of Special Initiatives where he founded and headed the Google’s Access division which includes 700MHz and TV white spectrum initiatives, the company’s ground-breaking data centers and more.

With all his success and award in Google which include the Founders’ Award, Sacca left in 2007 to start his own investment business – Angel Investments which at the course of it, he invested in Twitter and more. He started the Lowercase Capital in 2010 and often speaks at the Shark Tanks about investments.

Net Worth

Following his successful businesses, Sacca has made significant money and his net worth is estimated to be between $1.07 and $1.2 billion.

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Facts About The Investor

Sacca Chris
Sacca Chris and wife
  1. Sacca is married to Crystal English Sacca, a partner at Lowercase and they have three children.
  2. He won Google’s Founders’ Award – the company’s maximum honor.
  3. On GQ, he was named amid the Worst Dressed for his usual cowboy trademark.
  4. He became the youngest member of the list of 100 Forbes released for their performance in investments and has been named an expert in BBC, Fortune Magazine, Fox and many other media channels.
  5. In 2008, he participated actively in the Barrack Obama’s campaign as Telecommunications, campaign surrogate and Media and Technology advisor.
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