Chris Stapleton Has Five Kids With Wife Morgane Stapleton – Inside His Family

Because of its uniqueness and roots in American history, country music isn’t only loved by many around the world but also respected. Musicians in the genre do not usually get to top billboards and bag reputable awards unless they know their onions. That is why the achievements of the multiple award-winning country singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton, are considered a pretty big deal.

But beyond his plaques and medals, Chris Stapleton considers the height of his success his family of seven, including his wife Morgane Stapleton and their five children. Like most people of his stature do for those they care about, Chris has been very earnest in keeping details of his family affair out of the public eye. Nonetheless, we know enough to give you a pretty good idea of what life is like in the Stapleton home.

How Chris Stapleton Met His Sweetheart, Morgane Stapleton, a Fellow Singer-Songwriter

Chris Stapleton is married to American singer and songwriter Morgane Hayes, who now goes by Morgane Stapleton. A significant portion of his fan base today got to know about Chris following his glorious duet performance with Justin Timberlake at the CMA in 2015. Morgane, however, has been with him a lot longer.

Born January 25, 1983, Morgane was a young adult and a budding singer-songwriter when she and the love of her life, Chris, first met in 2003. Stapleton had moved to Nashville two years prior, to pursue his music career with Sea Gayle Music, where he worked with someone who happened to be Morgane’s friend.

Having set her eyes on the fine specimen of a man, Morgane spent a lot of time with her friend, in hopes of getting to spend some of it with her then-crush. Thankfully, Chris also seemed to like the attention, as he would often pop into Morgane’s friend’s office to play them his most recent song.

As Morgane told Paste in 2015, their first date happened when he asked her to join him for a songwriting session one evening. It was on a Friday evening, and as you may have guessed, they didn’t do much writing that night.

Then The Wedding Bells Rang…

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Following the events of that evening, Morgane and Chris’s love story went into motion. Though the couple started going out immediately, they didn’t make it official until 2007 when Morgane dropped her maiden name and became Mrs. Stapleton.

Before the wedding, a lovestruck Morgane had secretly engraved the words ‘You Are My Sunshine’ into her husband’s wedding ring. It is their story, and the couple would later go on to perform the song together as a duo on stage several times. In fact, it is one of the highlights of Chris Stapleton’s concerts for many.

Theirs was a beautiful courtship, and after a dreamy wedding, they proceeded on their journey to forever, together.

Their Marriage Has Yielded Multiple Fruits

In the same year the Stapletons got married, Chris became the lead singer of his former band, The Steeldrivers. By the time he decided to move on from the group in 2010, he was already a father. Although the couple didn’t share much concerning their children, their first child, a son whose name we later learned is Waylon, is presumed to have been born that year.

Their second child is a daughter named Ada, and she is presumed to have been born two years after her elder brother. Details of the first two Stapleton children, including their names and gender, first came to public notice in 2018 during the CMA Awards. An emotionally-overwhelmed Chris had acknowledged them during his speech after receiving his fourth award of the night.

They were later seen in public for the first time while walking the Red Carpet with their dad at the premiere of Toy Story 4 the following year. However, Waylon and Ada weren’t the only children of his he acknowledged on the fateful awards night. He also alluded his next two kids, a set of twins who were still kicking in Morgane’s belly by then.

On the Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s 10th Anniversary in October 2017, Morgane took to her Instagram page to tell their fans that they were expecting not one but two bundles of joy. They announced their arrival on April 15, 2018, their dad’s 40th birthday and coincidentally, the night of the ACM Awards, where he, again, bagged two awards, albeit in absentia.

It turns out the twins, two boys named Macon and Samuel, had been born more than a month early. Following Reba McEntire’s initial announcement at the ACM, Chris, and Morgane, again took to Instagram to share the good news.

Less than seven months later, The Stapletons announced they were expecting yet another baby. And with an adorable B&W picture, Morgane revealed the face and gender of their fifth child – a boy – to the world on May 29, 2019.

How Chris’s Marriage To Morgane has Affected His Career 

A talented singer and songwriter, Mrs. Stapleton has written songs and provided vocals for the likes of Carrie Underwood, Joe Nichols, LeAnn Rimes, among others. She has also worked with her husband on many projects, from writing to performing back-up vocals on his records. However, the lady’s influence on Chris Stapleton’s career goes way beyond just harmonizing in the background and singing duets during concerts.

Morgane has been a muse and support system to Chris for almost as long as they’ve been in love. She was there when he lost his father and ran low on creative juice, even bought him a car to back up her suggestion of a cross-country road trip.

Along with a videographer and their rickety new vehicle, the couple took the trip. That cathartic experience birthed Chris’s quadruple platinum-certified, multiple-award-winning debut solo album, Traveller. Additionally, as Chris later told The Washington Post, she also chose most of the songs on the album from about a thousand of the Tennessee Whiskey singer’s published songs.

Chris Stapleton’s talent does not only astonish the world, but his wife also revealed to The Washing post that she sometimes finds it hard to wrap her mind around it. Like when he wrote his song, Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore under 10 minutes while waiting for her to get ready for an outing.

All in all, like the yin to the other’s yang, Chris and Morgane make a pretty good team. And as they forge on in their respective career, they continue to balance each other’s excesses while living in harmony as a beautiful family of seven.

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