Puzzling Facts About Chris Stirewalt’s Various Career Pursuits and His Dating Profile

While Chris Stirewalt would prefer to describe himself as a simple country pundit, he is a politics editor and an all-round political news commentator who works on the Fox News Channel. The Hampden-Sydney College graduate has been with the news network since 2010 and over the years, he has made a name for himself on the American politics news circuit but his career does not stop at journalism as he also does some public speaking and has written a few publications.

Chris Stirewalt Had An Early Start to His Journalism Career

Chris Stirewalt was born on the 17th of November, 1975 in Wheeling, West Virginia where he spent the majority of his childhood. He later moved to St. Louis, Missouri where attended Whitfield School, a private middle and high school before returning to his hometown high school of Linsly School in 1990.

Upon his return to Wheeling, Chris started to report for The Wheeling Intelligencer. He would attend all the baseball games that happened in Wheeling and record the box scores of the games. He started to do this in 1992, a year before he would graduate from Linsly.

After graduating from high school, Stirewalt left his hometown state and moved to Virginia to attend Hampden-Sydney College. He graduated from the liberal arts college in 1997 and by the following year, he started to work at the Charleston Daily Mail where he rose to the position of political editor. The work he does today in politics began at this publication and he gave the paper 6 years of his life before he left to work at West Virginia Media Holdings, a media company that owns television stations and a Weekly Newspaper. At this company, he continued to work in the same capacity he did at Charleston Daily Mail, as a political news editor. He worked at this media house for three years before leaving in 2007.

Continued Success As A Journalist

Following his exit from West Virginia Media, Chris Stirewalt moved to Washington where he started to work at The Washington Examiner and became a writer for their bi-weekly column. Just as he did at his last two places of employment, Stirewalt worked as a political news editor at The Washington Examiner. The outstanding work he did at the newspaper did not go unnoticed as in a short while, he attracted an offer from the Fox News Channel whom he eventually joined in 2010.

At Fox News Channel, Stirewalt’s career took a different route as he was required to focus on a different medium of journalism. His role at the channel was Digital Politics editor and this meant that he mostly worked with digital publications. In addition to that, he later took on other tasks as well, including political commentating for the channel and coordinating political coverage across other Fox News platforms.

Chris Stirewalt also contributes to articles, video segments as well as the Fox News podcast titled ‘I’ll Tell You What’, which he co-hosts with Dana Perino. More so, his time on Fox News has featured him on a number of Fox News programs. The news programs Chris has appeared on at Fox include America’s Newsroom, Special Report with Bret Baier, and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. He also oversees his own show on the channel, Power Play, a feature video series which airs on the Fox News website.

Public Speaking is Another Aspect of Chris Stirewalt’s Career

The scope of Chris Stirewalt’s career extends beyond journalism as he also does some public speaking. He speaks about political issues, the current political climate in America, and gives updates on Capitol Hill and the White House. The platform he has at Fox and the work he has done in political news all his life has elevated him to a level where his opinions on the political happenings of the United States matter.

However, the nature of his work as a public speaker has subjected him to public scrutiny which has resulted in several controversies and criticisms over the years. He has mostly come under the bus for his support for President Donald Trump. Many have criticized his pro-Trump comments over the years, pegging him as someone who chooses to turn a blind eye to the many failings of the president.

Chris Stirewalt Has Written A Book 

Another pot Chris Stirewalt has his hand in is writing. He runs a daily newsletter under the Fox News conglomerate. The newsletter, which is called the Halftime Report, has close to 200,000 subscribers. But the ultimate proof of the work he does as a writer is with his 2018 book; Every Man a King: A Short, Colorful History of American Populists.

The book is a profile on the lives of influential men who have had an important effect on American politics. The lives of Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, H.Ross Perot, and George Wallace among many other men were covered in Stirewalt’s book.

He Has Amassed An Impressive Net Worth From His Diverse Sources Of Income

All the extra work Chris Stirewalt does as a writer and public speaker coupled with his salary from Fox has ensured that he has a comfortable life. His salary as a staff of Fox is believed to be $85,500.

As of 2020, it is estimated that his net worth is a comfortable $6 million. It is also alleged that he rakes in close to $1 million annually as salary thanks to his earnings from ads, sponsorships, and other things he is involved with.

The Truth About Chris Stirewalt’s Relationship With Dana Perino

Chris Stirewalt
Chris and co-host Dana

Chris Stirewalt can be rightfully described as a public figure and it is only normal that people would like to know of the romantic happenings in his life. Since he joined the Fox News Channel, he has become much more popular and the question on a lot of people’s minds is if he is married or at least in a relationship.

As a result of this, there have been rumors of the true nature of Stirewalt’s relationship with his podcast co-host, Dana Perino, with some insinuations that the two are in a romantic relationship. However, both of them have quelled the rumors, especially as Perino has been married to businessman Peter McMohan since 1998.

On the other hand, there is no information available on Stirewalt’s love life. The bulk of information on his life focuses on the work he has done in journalism and nothing more. There is no news on people he may have dated in the past or on anyone he might be currently dating.


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