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There are movie stars and then there are mega movie stars. Christian Bale certainly belongs to the realm of the later. He is one of the most accomplished actors that Hollywood has produced. In a career spanning three decades, Christian has appeared in over 45 movies including American Psycho, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, American Hustle, and The Fighter.

Bale is renowned for his willingness to undergo extreme transformations, including weight loss, in order to bring his character to life. For instance, in the 2004 thriller The Machinist, he lost 63lbs to play a mentally unstable factory worker. He then gained 35 lbs in 2005 for the superhero movie, Batman Begins. In 2018, Bale once again piled on the pounds (40 lbs) to play former American vice-president, Dick Cheney, in the movie, Vice.

This and many other things have distinguished Bale among his peers. Get to know more about the actor here including his wife and children, net worth, Oscar nominations and wins etc.

Christian Bale Bio

Christian Charles Philip Bale was born on the 30th of January 1974 in Haverfordwest, Wales. He spent his formative years in different countries such as Wales, England, and Portugal. Bale attended Bournemouth School in Dorset, England but dropped out when he was 16.

Before then, he had already commenced his acting career at the age of 8, appearing in a string of commercials. From there he went on to feature in a theatrical production of The Nerd in 1984. Bale landed his first movie role in the 1986 TV movie, Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. Following that movie, the actor went on to appear in other TV series and movies.

Christian Bale made a major breakthrough in his career in the 1987 Spielberg movie, Empire of the Sun. In the movie, he played the role of a spoilt British boy who is forced to grow up fast when he finds himself in a WW11 internment camp. His performance in the movie was so excellent that an award was created just to honor him. The movie and the award increased Bale’s celebrity profile and brought him more media attention. The notoriously private Bale was uncomfortable with the spotlight and briefly quit acting. It was the renowned filmmaker, Kenneth Branagh, who urged him to return to the industry. He took the advice and the rest is history. Bale has had a stellar career and won several honors in the process.

Net Worth

The Welsh-born actor has amassed a fortune worth $80 million in the course of his career. He made his wealth from his movies, endorsement deals and private investments. Bale is a prominent supporter of several charities, especially ones that are involved in the preservation of the environment. They include Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Oscar Nominations and Wins

The Dark Knight star has received a staggering 113 award nominations, out of which he has won 74. With regard to the Oscars specifically, he has received four Oscar nominations. They are the 2011 Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Fighter, 2014 Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role in American Hustle, 2016 Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Big Short, and his 2019 Oscar nomination as the Best Actor for his role in Vice.

Christian Bale has recorded one Academy Award win so far and that is the 2011 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in The Fighter. In the movie, he played a once-promising boxer whose life is derailed by drugs and crime. He then turns his life around in order to make amends to his younger brother who is also an aspiring boxer.

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Family – Parents, Wife, and Children

The actor has an English mother named Jenny and an English father named David Bale. His father was actually born in South-Africa. Christian Bale also has three sisters namely Erin Bale, Louise Bale, and Sharon Bale. Their parents however divorced in 1991 and his father subsequently married Gloria Steinem in 2000. Steinem is a well-known feminist and is one of the icons of the feminist movement in America.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic (image source)

The Academy Award winner Christina Bale is married to Sandra Sibi Blazic, a former model and makeup artist. They met while she was working as a PA to popular actress Wynona Ryder, who is also a very good friend of Bale. Bale and Sibi eloped to Vegas and got married in January 2009. They have since then proven to be one of the most enduring couples in Hollywood. The actor never fails to acknowledge the role that his wife has played in his life, in his own words “she is such a good strong woman and I owe everything to her”. They have two children together; a daughter named Emmeline, born in 2005 and a son named Joseph who was born in 2014.

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