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Christian Burns is an infamous Instagram model who gained international attention for the wrong reasons. His rants and altercations with a CSC security personnel at the 2017 VidCon event which was recorded by Nick Vernice went viral within minutes of its upload – creating a negative backlash from social media for the young man. Although he admitted to having ego and insecurity issues during an interview, he failed to tender the appropriate apologies for his deed. Here is what we know about this self-proclaimed internet star – his biography, net worth, and other interesting facts.

Christian Burns’ Biography

The social media personality, Christian Burns, was born in the province of Alberta, Calgary, on the 30th day of January 1998 where he equally spent his formative years. There is little or nothing known about his family background and there is no information regarding any of his siblings or if he is only child birthed by his parents. And even though it is believed that he had his education, the institutions involved are yet to be known.

Perhaps, Christian Burns prefers to keep his personal life separate from his career life just like most celebrities do. The above fac is even worsened by the fact that his social media handles – notably Instagram – are set on private and as such only information he is willing to share with the public can be accessed.

Facts About The Instagram Model 


Christian Burns began his internet career on the pictures and video-sharing platform, YouNow, sometime in April 2014. He gradually built up his page by uploading many selfies, pictures, and videos of himself which attracted several social media users to his space because of his good looks and soon, he earned a tangible number of followings. The success of his YouNow channel propelled him to set up a YouTube channel where he equally posted pictures and videos regularly.

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His Twitter and Instagram accounts numbers went up as his fame increased. He gained international attention after he was seen in a video being verbally abusive to a CSC security staff at the international Video Conference (VidCon), Southern California.

Christian Burns
Christian Burns with the CSC Security Staff Image Source

The video was even posted on drama alert show hosted by Keem Star and within minutes it racked up millions of views. The brouhaha was said to have stemmed from a previous scene witnessed by Christian Burns. He claimed he saw the security guards and police manhandling another male delegate which ticked off Mr. Burns into reacting so negatively. Many have condemned his rashness and the manner of his reaction which also reflected on the social media following as several of his fans unfollowed him after seeing the video – especially because of the fact that he has refused to tender an apology for his actions. Unsurprisingly, that will not be the first time Burns is being confrontational with CSC security personnel.

Fight With A Random Followers

As though his brawl at the International annual video festival conference was not enough, Burns got himself into compromising position in a chat with a follower. He and that random follower booked a place to meet to fight in the course of their exchange online. Well, the fight did not go in Christian’s favor as the fan gave him a beating. He ended up asking bystanders to do something to help his situation.

Personal Life

Christian Burns through his posts and pictures seems to give us the vibes that he is gay and that he has a boyfriend whose name he has not revealed to the public. He once stated in one of his posts that he had just sucked at his boyfriend’s rod. If that is the case, how they met has not been disclosed to the public and that may never be as he has set his social media handles on private.

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Locked Out Of His Instagram Page

The rumor has it that after his encounter at the video conference many of his fans and followers who were divided in opinion over his outburst flooded his social media pages where he ended up dissing some of them. Eventually, this led to his Instagram page (that had about 27k followers as at that time) to be blocked. He has since set up another account which he set on private.

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Actual Net Worth

Although Christian Burns during his altercations with the security men at stated he was very rich and well off. During his interview with Keem Star, he stated that his salary was in six figures. However, we can not authoritatively confirm that fact nor the actual figures for his net worth.

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