Christians In Diaspora Raise Funds To Renovate An 80-Year-old Mosque In Uganda

Ugandan Christians living in diaspora have shocked Africa by raising an estimated $3,600 (Sh12.6 million) to restore the state of Namayiba mosque in Uganda. This will make it the second recent public show of “religious blindness” in Africa; first was in December 2015, when Kenyan Muslims defended the lives of Christians, thereby, preventing an ugly history from repeating itself; now Ugandan Christians coincidentally do the same.

While the Kenyan Muslims shielded Christians from being slaughtered by Al-shabab terrorists, as was the case in the past, Ugandan Christians from various parts of the world reach out to their Muslim ‘brethren’ by contributing to the renovation of an 80 year old Mosque in Nakisunga village.

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Due to lack of funds for the completion of the mosque, the structure was abandoned in a dilapidated state. On visiting his home country, Geoffrey Nsereko Simple, the chairman organizing committee Uganda North American Association (UNAA), discovered the problem and took it upon himself to do something about the refurbishing and improvement of the structure. Despite being of the Christian faith, Nsereke pioneered the initiative and kicked off the fundraising from Boston.

According to New Vision,

“He approached Ugandans living in America, Canada, Japan among other countries who contributed generously towards the renovation and completion of the mosque.”


As a stunner to all who heard of Dr Nsereko’s rare gesture and attended the hand over ceremony, he recalls the shock of many as they approached him, wondering why he chose a mosque and not a church.

Dr Nsereko did not only hand over the realized funds, he also handed a great deal of hope and change to the community and Africa as a whole. This singular act of his has sowed a seed of oneness, thus boosting interfaith relations, while assuring the safety of large Muslim faithfuls who worship in the age-old mosque. In a time that witnesses countless global religious conflicts, this is a good sign and step that can reduce religious discrimination. In helping out these Muslims, Dr Nsereko displayed the highest and truest form Christianity.

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