Christine Baumgartner – Bio, Net Worth and Facts About Kevin Costner’s Wife

Christine Baumgartner is a fashion designer and model who many have recognized as someone to reckon with in the world of fashion. Because of the nature of the fashion industry, not a lot of people were familiar with the name Baumgartner, however, this all changed with her marriage to a much more popular person, who is no other than the widely recognized actor Kevin Costner. To learn more about Christine Baumgartner and how she came to be married to one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood, keep reading.

Christine Baumgartner – Bio

Christine Baumgartner was born in California on the 4th of March, 1974. All that is known about her father is that his name is Jim Baumgartner; there is no information available about her mother. The fashionista had her university education at California State University which is located in Fullerton, from where she graduated with a degree in Business.

Christine Baumgartner’s foray into the fashion industry began with a keen interest she had always had for fashion from her younger years. She started out with modeling before branching out into designing bags out of dissatisfaction with the handbags that she kept seeing. For her, the bags she was subject to at the time had no appeal and did nothing for her sense of fashion. The most popular set of bags in her brand are laptop bags, she wanted a bag that was not only functional but was also very stylish and with this at the back of her mind, she designed the most chic laptop bags in the market. They come in faux fur merged with metallic leather and have pouches and extra pockets for accessories.

The launch of her bag line happened around the same time she was planning her wedding and the purses were so good that some were featured in the pilot episode of the show, Desperate Housewives. In an interview, the former model admitted that her husband’s influence has helped the sale of the bags and the growth of her brand.

Marriage to Kevin Costner

The first time Christine Baumgartner met Kevin Costner back in the 80s, he was still married to Cindy Silvia. In 1998, four years after his divorce and many other relationships, he met Baumgartner again at a restaurant and they exchanged numbers. The started dating soon after.

kevin costner and christine baumgartner
Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner (image source)

The couple went on a break in 2002 when Costner told her he was not interested in having any more kids, seeing as he already had 3 kids from his first marriage. Since Baumgartner wanted kids, they decided to take a break during which time she would wait for him to come back. The wait was not long as the couple came back together faster than many thought they would and on the 25th of September, 2004 they got married at Costner’s property in Aspen Colorado.

Christine Baumgartner and Kevin Costner have three children together; the first two are boys, Cayden and Hayes while the last child is a girl, Grace. Cayden was born in 2007, Hayes in 2009 and Grace was born in 2010.

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Net Worth

The exact net worth of Christine Baumgartner is not known as most of the exact proceeds of her business have been concealed. Most sources just lump her net worth with that of her husband’s which is pegged at $250 million. Despite this, there is no doubt that she earns a good sum from her endeavors especially since her bag line is doing very well.

Facts About Kevin Costner’s Wife

  • Christine Baumgartner started her business with a friend, Tamara Muro and their names Christine and Tamara make up the acronym of the business name, CAC. Eventually, Muro had to drop out of the venture to focus on her family. Regardless of this, the name of the company still works because CAC also means Christine Baumgartner Costner.
  • The fashion designer stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches which is 1.78 in meters while weighing 60 kg, which makes for a balanced physique.
  • Her favorite celebrities are Robert Downey, Jr. and Jennifer Aniston; surprisingly Kevin Costner does not make the cut.
  • She also enjoys going on journeys, shopping and finds comfort in reading. Her favorite type of food is French Cuisine.
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