Christine Marinoni – Inside The Life of Cynthia Nixon’s Wife

The American comedy series, Sex and the City may have long ended, but the faces that starred in the 6-year run will not be forgotten in a hurry. Little wonder the happenings in their lives frequently become a subject of debate. Yes! Fans and viewers enjoy the gossip, but more than that, they enjoy the controversial details of some of the women involved in the now-concluded series, especially Cynthia Nixon and her wife, Christine Marinoni. Christine Marinoni is an American education and gay rights activist, however, she is best known for her marriage to one of Sex and the City stars Cynthia Nixon who played the role of Miranda Hobbes.

Christine Marinoni’s Bio

Marinoni was born in Washington, United States, in 1967 and spent much of her formative years in Bainbridge, Washington. According to sources, she has been a pro-LGBTQ activist since the early ‘90s. Her parents were academics and that seems to have been her line of discipline. Marinoni helped found The Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) in New York; an establishment formed to ensure high-quality education standards in the state of New York. Cynthia Nixon once served as a spokeswoman of the establishment. In 2004, Marinoni served as a senior advisor for community partnerships at the New York City Department of Education but resigned in early March 2018.

But before all of that, she has remained one of the earliest and boldest New York-based women to have come out as a lesbian. Back in 1995, Christine Marinoni got tired of hiding behind the conventional when she unveiled her “true” sexual orientation. She then opened a lesbian café in Park Slope Brooklyn, New York, and since that time, she has been a staunch activist and a public face of the LGBTQ movement in New York and around the United States. However, her outing hasn’t been without backlash. Her bartenders were frequently attacked verbally and physically until Marinoni decided to go public with campaigns and rallies to bring the hate crimes to the notice of the authorities.

When she met and began dating Cynthia Nixon, the duo took their LGBTQ campaign up to the corridors of power and began lobbying their way through to Albany; meeting with legislators and discussing the passage of gay marriage in New York City.

Her Kids and Family Details

Nixon and Marinoni first met back in 2001. At the time, Nixon was leading a campaign on the reduction of the population sizes of New York’s public schools. Christine Marinoni was also serving as an education organizer. This common platform will be the spark of the eleven-year relationship that led to marriage in 2012. As they worked on more projects together, their friendship morphed an intimate attachment.

At the time, Cynthia Nixon was already married to Danny Mozes; a school teacher with whom she had two children, Samantha (b. November 1996) and Charles Ezekiel (b. December 16, 2002). In 2003, Nixon divorced her husband of fifteen years and got engaged to Christine Marinoni in 2009. When the gay laws of New York were eventually amended, the duo tied the knot on May 27, 2012. The previous year, on February 7, 2011, they had welcomed their first child together; Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni.

Facts About Cynthia Nixon’s Wife

Christine Marinoni.
Christine Marinoni and her partner, Cynthia Nixon image source

1. Net Worth and Salary

As of 2019, no sources have revealed details about Christine Marinoni’s net worth. However, her partner, Cynthia Nixon, is said to be worth over $60 million. When Bill de Blasio was mayor of New York, Marinoni’s appointment as special adviser for community partnerships in the Department of Education saw her earning no less than $120,000 annually until she resigned in March 2018.

2. Wide Disparity in Career Path

Christine Marinoni attended Columbia University where she graduated with a degree in economic development; with the hope of working as an international affair professional or at best, a diplomat, but fate had other plans. Decades later, Marinoni would find herself at the frontlines of advocacy in education and activism for LGBTQ rights in a state she wasn’t born in. That’s not so surprising considering that her mom served as the president of the teachers union and her dad was a university professor.

3. Multiple Miscarriages

When Marinoni got married to Nixon in 2012, she readily adopted Cynthia Nixon’s kids from her previous marriage, however having a kid of their own didn’t come easy. Christine Marinoni being the carrier, suffered multiple miscarriages until they had a breakthrough on the sixth trial. The result was a son they christened Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni.

4. Height and Body Measurement

Christine Marinoni has a chubby build. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 171 pounds (78 kg). Marinoni has brown hair; and grey eyes. She wears shoe size 7 (US); and measures 34-32-37 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively.


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