Who Is Chuck Liddell’s Wife? All About Heidi Northcott the Poker Player

Heidi Northcott (born July 15, 1980) is a 43 year-old American poker player better known as the wife of Chuck Liddell, an American retired mixed martial artist and former UFC light heavyweight champion inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2009.

Liddell and his wife, Heidi Northcott, have been married for ten years. Chuck Liddell proposed to his girlfriend Heidi Northcott on November 4, 2010. Their daughter Guinevere was born in 2011. In 2013, their son Charles David Liddell Jr. was born

Northcott’s husband holds the credit of helping to introduce MMA into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment. He has an extensive background in different forms of Martial Arts, including Kenpo, karate, kickboxing, college wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He made his mark while his career lasted between 1998 and 2010. Below is more on his wife.

Who Is Heidi Northcott?

Heidi Northcott is largely known as a professional poker player. She, however, came to limelight as the wife of Chuck Liddell. Check her records, you will find she was born on the 15th day of January 1980 in the United States of America. She grew up in California where she attended the Marina High School, graduating in 1997.

Following her graduation, Heidi furthered her Education at the University of Southern California. She majored in Management Information Systems and Natural Science, earning her degree in 2001. Heidi is multilingual, she is proficient in several languages including English, French, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

The Accomplishments of Her Poker Career

Heidi Northcott discovered and explored her talent in poker while she was dating José Canseco. Apart from playing baseball, Jose is an experienced poker player; as such, it isn’t a mystery how Northcott got involved with poker. During their time together, Jose expertly taught Heidi poker to such extent she became a professional.

She would go on to reach the level of being compared with world-famous poker players. Heidi has also won up to $500 from the games she has been a part of. In addition to that, she makes frequent appearances at poker events. In 2007, she was spotted alongside Jose at a summer night poker tournament held at Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles. Subsequently, she would appear on the red carpet of poker events with her husband, Chuck Liddell.

In addition to the poker game, Heidi enjoys diverse outdoor activities such as dancing, motorcycle riding, hiking, traveling, working out, cliff jumping, sky diving, and rock climbing. These show she is a nature-loving person who is not afraid to explore and see the world. Yeah, the woman is quite an adventurer.

What Else Is She Known For?

Heidi Northcott has also tried her hands in the corporate world. She holds the position of Vice President at High Traffic Media, a business development outfit that does online marketing, SEO, and media planning.

Disregarding the attention she gets for being Chuck Liddell’s wife, Heidi Northcott garnered a massive admiration through a REEBOK shoe advertisement in 2010. Her fame touched the skies after she went completely nude alongside her husband while promoting REEBOK shoes.

The couple shocked the world with photos that showed them working out in a gym stark naked, except for the Reebok boots they wore. Despite receiving massive backlash for this, it earned them widespread popularity.

Heidi Northcott’s Relationship and Marital Life with Chuck Liddell

Heidi Northcott and her husband
Northcott and Lidell: image source

Heidi and Chuck Liddell met at a party where a mutual friend introduced them to each other. It was at the said party that they made a go at their relationship. After about a year of a blossoming relationship, Chuck popped the big question to Heidi.

Following Liddell’s proposal on the 4th of November, 2010, the couple welcomed their first child together in 2011. Heidi gave birth to a daughter named Guinevere Liddell. Two years later, their son named Charles David Liddell Jr arrived. The baby boy who takes the name of his father was born in July 2013.

Aside from her biological children, Heidi Northcott has two stepchildren. Her husband had the kids with two women from his earlier relationships. He had his first daughter named Trista with fellow MMA fighter, Casey Noland. He later had the other, a son named Cade with an ex-girlfriend called Lori Geyer.

Related Questions

Question: How Long Have Chuck Liddell and Heidi Northcott Been Married?
Answer: Chuck Liddell has been married to his wife Heidi Northcott for a decade.

Quesntion: How Many Children Do Heidi Northcott and Chuck Liddell Have?
Answer: Chuck Liddell is a proud father of five kids.

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