Everything You Must Know About Churchill TV Show

Churchill TV show is a television programme that brings together, upcoming as well as famous stand-up comedians. However, it mostly gives special attention to young and upcoming comedians.

In fact, it is seen by many as the training or moulding ground for young artists. The Kenyan show has been running for several years and is screened once every week. The following are some interesting facts about the show:

Churchill TV Show – Everything You Must Know

The Carnivore Has Always been the venue Of the Live Recording

Since its inception, the show has always been staged at the “Carnivore”. This is one of the premier restaurants in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The audience attends the live recording of the show after paying at the gate. The TV show is screened a few days after the live event.

Broadcast through NTV (Nation Television)

Right from the first show, NTV has always been the host of the programme. Nation Television is one of the leading broadcasting houses in Kenya. Churchill Show formerly Churchill Live is screened every Sunday from 8.00pm to 9.00 pm. Currently, there is also a sister show “Churchill Raw” that screens on Thursdays from 8.00am to 9.00 pm.

Based on Current Affairs

The show gives Kenyans as well as other people, a reason to smile and laugh in the midst of the day-to-day struggles. While at it, the host will invite guests and talk about current issues affecting the society. The topic is influenced by the latest happenings. For instance, a victorious athlete will be hosted after returning back home.

Talent Search

Many people always believe that the young stand-up comedians always come for auditions. This is somehow true. Nonetheless, the show host (Churchill) together with other comedians always scouts the streets in search of new talent. The search has been carried out through editions such as “Teke Teke” also hosted by renowned comedians “Mbusi” and “Shiks Kapyenga”.

More than Just a Comedy Show

Although the main plot of the show is creating laughter, Churchill show also sets the stage for serious discussions amidst the “rib-cracking”. It has hosted the “who-is-who” in the society, prominent figures, business moguls, C.E.O’s, parliamentarians, sportsmen and women, controversial figures, high achievers as well as the ordinary citizens.

Cultural Diversity

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Right from the beginning, the show has always considered all the tribes in Kenya. It has also addressed people from all walks of life. There will always be a comedian who cracks jokes related to a particular ethnicity or social class. This has led to many comedians making a name for themselves. These include Eric Omondi, Mwalimu Wanjiku, Chipukeezy, Mtumishi & Mchungaji, and many others.

Winner of Many Awards

Churchill TV Show still remains one of the most watched stand-up comedy shows in Kenya as well as East Africa. Its popularity has also grown in other regions as well. Through the years, it has won many accolades locally as well as regionally. These include the Kalasha TV and Radio awards, “Chaguo la teeniez” (teenager’s choice), and more.

The Host is also King of Radio

The host of the show, “Churchill” whose real names are Daniel Ndambuki is not only a top figure in Kenya’s stand-up comedy but also on radio. Going by the names “Mwalimu Kingangi” (Teacher Kingangi), he co-hosts one of the most popular radio shows in Kenya. He works alongside the host, Maina Kageni.

The Host is a Thespian

Daniel Ndambuki a.k.a Churchill burst into the limelight after launching the show initially known as Churchill Live. Prior to the TV programme, he was actively involved in theatre. He has featured as a guest stand-up comedian in shows such as Redykulass which once ruled the Kenyan airwaves, Public Noise Makers as well as Red Corner.

Sister Show – Churchill Raw

Following the success of Churchill Live and Churchill Show, another alternative stand-up comedy show was launched. However, this time around, Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill) works behind the scenes as a way of giving fresh talent a chance. He makes limited appearances alongside the host of the show “MC Jessy (Jasper Muthomi).


The show, as well as the host, have never been far from controversies. Stories of comedians crying foul over low pay even when the show draws a very large viewership has always been rife. In the recent past, a top female comedian “Mwalimu (teacher) Wanjiru” left the show. Going by the rumours, the reason being the departure was attributed to financial matters.

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Well, there goes the list of some facts that shed more light on the popular Churchill TV Show, one of the most-watched television programmes in Kenya.


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