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Cincinbear is a famous American video gamer known for her dexterity in the streaming of Warcraft and Minecraft game franchises on her eponymous channel on Twitch. Her journey into fame began in 2014 after she became a Twitch streamer. With commitment and innovations put into her career as a gamer, Cincinbear soon became one of the top acts in video gaming and streaming. She grew her craft to the point that she got the privilege of attending BlizzCon and TwitchCon as a full-time streamer. In no time she amassed so much followership that translated into financial remunerations while inspiring many others to mine a trade in the art of gaming. We have got five interesting facts that may fascinate you about this Twitch star.

Cincinbear’s Biography

Cincinbear was born Cinthya Alicea in the United States of America on 25th December 1992. She was born to American parents and was raised in an unnamed city/state in the country. Her family background and early life is not public knowledge as she considers such information her private concern.

Cinthya aka Cincinbear had her high school education and aspired to become a medical personnel having enrolled into a college to become a Surgical Technologist before she quit to invest more of her time on her video games craft.

She started streaming on the 8th day of June 2014, but before then, she had experimented with streaming from her laptop and realized her PC in the US couldn’t handle the technological and technical requirements involved in streaming. Following which Cincinbear relaunched and became better at her games thus increasing raking in a tangible number of followers on her Twitch account which is already over 459k and counting. Her success at her art saw her attend Twitch conventions such as the BlizzCon and TwitchCon as a full-time streamer.

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She entertains her followers with live streaming of the World of War of Warcraft and Minecraft game franchises on her eponymous channel. Like her fellow Twitch star – BarcodeStreams, they are well known for their Minecraft uploads to their respective channels.

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Besides being a talented gamer and Twitch star, Cincinbear is also a lingerie model and an avid supporter of animal rights as well as an animal lover. She owns some cute looking dogs as pets.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Cincinbear

1. A Month Ban onTwitch

In an attempt to sanitize the Twitch community thus making it a porn/nude or slur content-free platform, over one hundred and thirty-five Twitch accounts were banned top on the list were the H3H3 production, Pink Sparkles, Joey Salads, Glink, and even Cincinbear. She was banned for a month from the platform for carelessly showing off her nipples and her ass during two different live streaming sessions; the last act was done on June 26, 2019.

The first incident, she was streaming in black lace silk then she reached out to touch her breast but ended up pulling a nipple out to the chagrin of her online viewers, the video went viral and her account was reported while her second was possibly an honest mistake.

As expected, her account was suspended for a period of 30 days for the first act and maybe she will bag another 30 days for the second incident.

2. Her Patreon Account

Cincinbear is among the hot ladies and gents that share their semi-nude or cosplay pictures on Patreon for a fee. She has many people subscribed to her Patreon account so far almost 500 out of 600 who have access to some of her lingerie photos, cosplay pictures, and other NSFW-marked shoots.

Although her nude image was once leaked by a subscriber, she knew and was preparing to take the right legal action. The act has not deterred her from posting her pictures on the platform which has become a source of income for her.

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3. Net Worth: What is Cincinbear Worth?

The 5 feet 3 inches tall gamer once admitted she grew up broke and almost attempted suicide because of her financial state till she turned her hobby to a career that has blossomed so far. Many media sources have pegged her net worth in the ranges of $200,000 to $700,000 or even more. Although this fact is yet to be confirmed by Cincinbear, we know that most of the cash comes from her Twitch channel, her Patreon page and the sponsored posts/adverts she enjoys. Subscriptions fees range from $1 to $3000 per month and Cincinbear has surely made some fortune. Her social media handles like Instagram and Twitter has over 82k and 75.8k followers – and counting – respectively.

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Is Cincinbear Dating or Married?

When it comes to Cincinbear’s personal life, nothing is known yet. No one has been linked to her so far. Therefore, we can assume she is very much single at the moment or that she is dating someone discreetly. However, nothing on her social media accounts points to a boyfriend or husband – or kids.

5. Avid Supporter of Animal Rights and Lover of dogs

Cincinbear has two adorable dogs that she named Mylo and Coki. Her pets pictures are all over her Instagram page. She also supports the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) with monthly monetary donations.

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