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Cindi Knight rose to stardom for her acting skills especially in Matt Houston (1982) and Murder in Coweta County (1983). Although she appeared in movies, she gained more attention due to her relationship with award-winning actor, singer, comedian, writer, and producer, Andy Griffith.

When counting long-lasting marriages in Hollywood, Cindi’s marriage to Andy Griffith always has a good place. Even with the previous failed marriages of Andy, his marriage to Cindi lasted 29 years before it met its sad end when Griffith passed away on June 3, 2012. Here is everything you should know about her.

Cindi Knight’s Biography (Age)

Cindi Knight is an American who was born on May 5, 1953, in Jacksonville, Florida to Bobby Knight and Muriel Knight. Although popular, Cindi seems to enjoy a quiet life without too much attention from the media. Because of this, little is known about the former American actress’ childhood, education or even siblings.

Regarding her career as an actress, Cindi Knight appeared in the 1983 Murder in Coweta County where she played the role of Julia Turner and also met her late husband, Andy Griffith. She also appeared in a TV show, Matt Houston, a series which aired from 1982 to 1985.

At the age of 27, Cindi Knight got into a relationship with the then 56-year-old, Griffith. She later got married to the actor who had had two failed marriages to Barbara Edwards and Solica Cassuto. Although their age difference was wide when the two got married, they were able to manage their affairs and stay away from all the unnecessary buzz of the media.

What is Cindi Knight’s Net Worth?

After the death of her husband, Cindi was left with many luxuries. Although on her own, her net worth is a bit difficult to place. However, sources have it that Cindi’s net worth without her husband’s is estimated to be in the range of $850,000 to $1 million dollars. Her husband, on the other hand, had a net worth estimated at $60 million dollars. He made the better part of his fortune from his career as a singer and actor.

Everything You Need To Know

Love Life

Cindi Knight
Cindi Knight and Andy Griffith

A couple of years after Cindi Knight met Griffith on set, the two got married on April 12, 1983. However before the two got together, Griffith had been married twice. His first, as stated, was to Barbara Bray Edwards in 1949. After spending more than two decades together, the couple separated in 1972. They had two adopted children.

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His next marriage was to Solica Cassuto, A Greek actress. This union lasted from 1973 to 1981. Cindi Knight’s marriage to Griffith yielded a different result from the other two failed marriages as the marriage lasted till Griffith lost his life to a heart attack when he was 86.

Unlike her husband, Cindi’s acting career did not go very far. Griffith was featured in many films since he started his career before he got married to Cindi. He featured in The Strangers in 7A (1972), Go and ask Alice (1973), Savages (1974) and a host of others in the 70’s. In the 80’s he appeared in Murder in Texas (1981), Murder in Coweta County (1983), the other decades were also fruitful in his career. He starred in Under the Influence (1986), Gramps (1995), Spy Hard (1996), A Holiday Romance (1999), Waitress (2007), Play the Game (2009) and a good number of others.

Griffith was not only an actor but a musician as well as a producer. The couple enjoyed immense fame and fortune as well. Aside from his careers in music, comedy, and production, writing and acting, Griffith was known for his collection of classic cars and luxurious houses, mansions, and estate. After the death of her husband, many would have expected Cindi Knight to get married again. However, she is reportedly still single and has stayed away from the media.

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Inasmuch as Cindi Knight’s marriage suffered no known scandal, the couple had no kids together and unlike Griffith, Cindi had not been married before they met, neither did she have any children. Even though the two seemed to last long, there were times when they had their own tragedies. In 1996, Andy Samuel Griffith Jr., Griffith’s son and Cindi’s stepchild lost his life after he battled with alcoholism. Also in 2000 and 2007, Griffith underwent two different surgeries and even suffered paralysis for a while.

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