Cindy Landolt
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She’s popularly known as the Swiss superwoman and judging from her perfectly toned body we think she’s more than a superhero. This Switzerland born fitness instructor and model continues to dazzle the world with her intense workout routine and perfect body to show for it. Cindy Landolt a self-motivated entrepreneur who inspires her fans via social media and her gym to achieve their fitness goals. It looks like this beautiful woman won’t stop till she conquers the world and we’re solidly behind her the entire way!

Cindy Landolt’s Bio

Cindy Landolt was born on the 11th of January, 1985, in a remote town in Switzerland called Wetzikon. Growing up in the beautiful scenery of Switzerland’s mountains and alpines, Cindy soon developed a penchant for the outdoors and outdoor sports and she spent a huge part of her childhood playing in the open. Some sports she engaged in as a child include hiking, skiing, swimming, running, and snowboarding. She holds a Swish nationality and not much is known about her family as she is quite private about this information.

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At the age of 5, Cindy Landolt joined a gymnastics team in her country and started practicing to become a gymnast. Her hours of training paid off as she soon became one of the best gymnasts, winning multiple medals and awards for her performances. She even reports that she wanted to pursue a career fully in gymnastics. However, life doesn’t always work in line with our wishes and Cindy experienced this first hand. By the time she was 16 years old, due to frequent and intense training, Cindy was reportedly too muscular and too tall to continue in the work of gymnastics.

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Facts About the Fitness and Aerobics Instructor

Her career as a Fitness Instructor

Cindy Landolt
Cindy during a workout session

Understanding that she was created differently but beautifully, Cindy decided to join a local gym and upon receiving membership, began to train long and hard. Her goal was to sculpt the body of her dreams and it seems she achieved that. She became quite popular for her hard-toned muscles and abs. The sky was just the starting point for this young star as she took it a step further and got registered at the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport. This was to get professional qualifications to become a fitness trainer.

She graduated from the Swiss Academy for Fitness and Sport after 3 long years of learning. Upon receiving her diploma, Cindy began making and executing plans towards creating her own brand in the world of fitness. She soon created a website and built her profile, advertising herself as a personal trainer. The world paid attention to this fit entrepreneur and by 2016, she was reputable for her muscles and abs. She became a social media sensation. Tapping into this, Cindy Landolt opened her own fitness club called Livestream Fitness Coaching in the city of Zurich in Switzerland where she helps people train and achieve their fitness goals.

Cindy Landolt’s Height and Body Measurements

Of course, everyone wants to know the details of the body measurements of this fitness goddess and we are here with all the details. Cindy stands taller than most women with a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs a total of 78kg. Her body measurement or Bust Waist Hip ratio is 38-26-36. If there was such a thing as a perfect body, Cindy Landolt is definitely the bearer.

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Interesting Facts About Cindy Landolt

  1. Not the Marriage type

This came as a shock to a lot of fans. Seeing as Cindy is a beautiful and successful woman, many assumed that marriage would at least be something she would give a thought to. But in 2012, Cindy revealed on Twitter that she was never going to get married as she didn’t consider herself “the marriage type.”

  1. Social Media and Beyond

Cindy Landolt currently has over 600 thousand followers on her social media pages as she often uses these platforms to inspire fans. She has also graced numerous sports magazines.

  1. Workout Schedule

Cindy’s workout schedule for the week is:

  • Monday – Upper Body Circuit
  • Tuesday – Back and Posterior Chain
  • Wednesday – Rest Day
  • Thursday – Chest, Arms, and Abs
  • Friday – Leg Day (Ouch!)
  • Saturday – Rest Day
  • Sunday – Rest Day
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