Civil Servants In Zimbabwe Asked To Ignore Baseless Reactions Towards Bond Notes

The Vice President of Zimbabwe, Phelekezela Mphoko spoke to civil servants in Zimbabwe at the Africa Public Service Day commemorations held in Chinhoyi on Thursday.

Africa Public Service Day was mooted in 1994 by the first Pan African Conference of Ministers of Public Service in Morocco which resolved that commemorations should be held on June 23 every year.

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As the event presents an avenue for reflection on the contributions of the public service towards the development of nations, it was the perfect opportunity for the Vice President to address the country’s civil servants.

In the course of his speech, civil servants in Zimbabwe as well as other Zimbabweans at large where encouraged to ignore baseless reactions and spreading apprehensions directed at the plan to introduce bond notes.

He said;

“In response to the challenges currently persisting, a raft of measures are being put in place. These include curbing the externalisation of foreign currency, particularly the US dollar and promotion of the use of plastic money.”

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Adding that the bond notes would help and those against the introduction are simply trying to thwart efforts being made to revive the economy, he also said;

“I urge civil servants to remain calm and unperturbed by the baseless reactions towards the introduction of bond notes. Such reactions are caused by detractors who wish to cripple the economy at a time when avenues for investment are opening up.”

The plan for the bond notes in question had been announced in October as an answer to liquidity challenges that had seen money run out in banks. The Vice President complained that the time spent queuing up in banks was detracting from time that could have been employed in more productive pursuits.

He also told civil servants in Zimbabwe to take pride in the knowledge that without them, there would be no economy to talk about and to that end, to remain highly professional, accountable, transparent and maintain integrity. He praised them for their resilience in the face of the country’s financial challenges.