Spanish Doctors Claim To Have Found HIV Cure – True Or False?

Spanish Doctors in Barcelona claimed they have found the HIV Cure. 

According to the doctors, HIV can be cured through blood transplants from the umbilical cord of genetic HIV resistant persons. The supposed HIV cure was tested on a 37-year old Barcelona. Having lived with the virus since 2009, the man was diagnosed free from the virus. However, reports say that the man eventually died of Cancer 3-years later.

In 2010, German doctors also laid claims to have invented a HIV cure. Theirs involved a stem-cell and bone marrow transplant. The cure was tested on an American, Timothy Brown who was ‘cured’ but developed side effects like, blindness, speech defects, nervous breakdown and memory problems.

News like this rarely gives surprises to a whole lot of people. Reason? So many other seasoned and unseasoned HIV cure claims have sprung up ever since the global sensitization and awareness of the virus. There have been claims like the goat milk remedy, intercourse with virgins, ingesting bitter cola, amongst many other preposterous claims- on both local and international levels.

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It is indeed commendable to know that genuine efforts are going into the HIV cure research. But what the world does not need now is an overblown impossibility. Assuming this claim is anything to go by, it had better be worth it because in the end, human lives are involved.

Generally speaking, the easiest and safest way to cope with the HIV virus is not to stress over a non-certified cure; or a cure that is not in sight yet. The best bet is to live healthy and religiously take one’s medication. There have been amazing testimonies of people who have coped with the health condition for years. They successfully managed their health by simply taking care of themselves.

The good news about resorting to the living healthy plan is that it is void of unnecessary emotional strain. They have accepted their situation and instead of crying over spilled milk, they diverted the energy into making the best out of it. Some HIV patients who are taking good care of themselves look and are even healthier than some people who do not have the virus. No one said it has to be a death sentence.

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