The Classic Converse All Stars Will No Longer Look like This

The classic converse All Stars which have remained in trend for decades is getting another new look and they look nothing like the old version.

In 2015, the Chuck Taylors were redesigned for the first time in 98 years and got great feedback from fans.

The Chuck Taylors II were praised for being more comfortable and being more aesthetically appealing yet retaining its classic look.

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The Chuck Taylors II

The brand has decided to try another look that lacks a lot of the features which make up the classic converse. From the stitches to the black stripe on the sole.

The new shoes called the Converse All Star Modern has a breathable knitted body material. It also features Nike Hyperfuse, a contoured full-length Phylon outsole, a TPU-fused overlaid toecap, plus a neoprene split tongue and lining– making it a much lighter pair of shoes.

“The Converse All Star Modern is a perfect fusion of our sport heritage with modern design,” said Bryan Cioffi, Vice President/Creative Director of Converse Global Footwear. “With this collection, Converse is delivering a comfortable, lightweight product that’s new, exciting and modern, but still feels very Converse.”

The Converse All Stars Modern
The Converse All Stars Modern

If you wonder why the All Stars modern look more like a pair of Nike shoes than the Chuck Taylors, that is because Nike bought the brand. This happened in 2003 when the classic brand filed for bankruptcy. So obviously, Nike played a big role in the redesign of the new Chucks.

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all stars modern new converse
The Low-Cut All Stars Modern

As usual the All Stars Modern will be available in both hi-top shoes and low-cut for different prices. The hi-tops will be sold at $140 dollars a pair and the low tops will cost $130 dollars a pair.

The All Stars Modern which come in 5 different colours will be made available starting from June 16.

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