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Have you come across the book, Mathematics, and Sex? if yes, then you should know that Dr. Clio Cresswell authored the best-selling book. She is an Australian author, essayist, MC, social commentator, and a media personality who has enjoyed a high-level career as a university lecturer.

Talk of the world’s influential mathematics lecturers, undoubtedly, Clio should make the list. She is a public speaker who has delivered a speech on the ever-inspiring platform, TED. She is funny and ices her speeches with hints of humor. Below are the details of her biography, height, who her husband is and every other thing in between.

Clio Cresswell – Biography (Age) 

The exact date of birth of Clio Cresswell is unknown. Very little is also known about the details of her childhood and family background, however, it is a known fact that she was born in England and spent her early years at Greek Island St. Tropez under the watchful eyes of her parents whom she described as  “sort of wild party animals” because they rejected established cultures and advocated for extreme liberties in politics and lifestyles.

Her tertiary education began at South of France where she was studying Visual Art before she realized that she would do better as a Mathematics student. At the age of 18, she enrolled in the University of New South Wales, Australia where she majored in Mathematics, a subject she was averse to as a kid but turned around to love.

As an undergraduate in the University, she did not leave any stone unturned academically and earned the University Medal. She proceeded to further her education by acquiring her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the same school in 1999 with a dissertation on “The discrete Painlevé equations: hierarchies, Bäcklund transformations and singularity confinement” which reportedly can be read by only 10 out of millions of people.

Most of her research and journals have been in Mathematics and other related subjects such as Painlevé equations, monodromy (quantum), solution equations, the topology of integrable systems, and Riemann-Hilbert problems. Clio Cresswell is a proud member of the Applied Mathematics Research Group, with lots of research and contributions in Integrable Systems.


Clio taught at The University of Sydney but took a long break to give time to her other callings. She spends the greater part of her time delivering lectures and speeches at conferences, seminars, and talk shows.

She continues to write from her desk while also making regular appearances in the media for interviews and book reviews. Clio has also interviewed celebrities on the top rating Australian TV chat show, The Panel. The best selling author hosted a breakfast show known as Not-So-Serious in Australian’s radio station – Triple M, giving relationship tips and counsel. Other media outfits that the lecturer has featured include ABC TV and The Sunday Telegraph, a leading newspaper in Australia, and New Woman Magazine where she writes a column.

In her popular theory titled Mathematics of love, she opined that single adults ought to reject at least 12 potential partners before settling down to increase their chances of finding their true love. Her best-selling book titled Mathematics and Sex was published by Allen & Unwin in 2004 and has been translated into many different languages.

Her academic activities and contributions have earned her fame and wealth, she is in the league of the world’s richest academicians. Clio’s wealth comes from books, and journals she has authored and sold, as well as money she charges for her public speaking engagements across the globe. Reports have it that Cresswell charges between $13,500 and $15,000 excluding the fees for transportation and hotel reservations. She lives in one of the high brow areas in Los Angeles, California.

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Married? Who Is Her Husband?

It is unclear if this Australian Day Ambassador is married or not. Information publicly available about her doesn’t link her to any relationship. It is puzzling to know that a woman who is an expert in the theory of love and sex may not be in a relationship. Perhaps, she is dating and has decided to keep it private.

Clio Cresswell once admitted to, that she has had her own share of over twelve partners which may indicate that she has probably met the one who completes her world. If her words in the interview are anything to go by, then she is possibly in an undisclosed relationship.

Her Height

In all ramifications, Ms. Clio Cresswell is no doubt a beautiful woman who exudes high intellect and charms. Looking at her pictures, she appears to have a good height of above 5 inches with an appreciable slender body size which she has maintained over the years.

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