Open Secrets of Coco Austin’s Life Before Fame, Her Career Success and Marriage to Ice T 

During the 2016 World Cup in Russia, bikini photos of a hot blonde woman went viral online. Many people came to the erroneous conclusion that the lady was the president of Croatia, a country that would clinch the second position at the tourney. It, however, turned out that the curvy woman in the photo was none other than Coco Austin. For those who may not know her, Austin is an American model, reality TV star, actress, web personality, and a lot more.

Coco Austin Grew up in New Mexico

Coco Austin was born on March 17, 1979, in Tarzana, California. She grew up in California and Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she completed her high school education. Since leaving school, Coco Austin has built a career for herself in the showbiz industry.

Austin is a model, actress, dancer, and reality TV star. She has appeared as a glamour model in several magazines, calendars, and catalogs. It is a result of her voluptuous figure comprising of an ample backside, tiny waist, and 39DD breasts. Combined with her blonde hair, some call her an outrageously proportioned human Barbie.

However, Austin wasn’t always the blonde bombshell that she is today. She had a moderately proportioned figure, as well as dark hair while growing up. She later resorted to plastic surgery to achieve the looks that she has today.

Coco Austin belongs to the league of celebrities who are open about the fact that they have had plastic surgery. She has revealed that it was something she did to make herself happy, and therefore, she is proud of it.

Coco Austin Wasn’t Always Coco

Coco Austin hails from a relatively large family, precisely a family of seven. Her father’s name is Steve Austin, while her mother’s name is Tina. Her parents were budding actors who first met on the set of popular US TV series Bonanza. She is the oldest of five children and has three brothers and a sister named Kristy Williams, also a model.

The reality star’s given name at birth wasn’t Coco Austin. Instead, it was Nicole Natalie Austin. She acquired the name ‘Coco’ during her childhood due to her younger brother mispronouncing ‘Nicole’ when he was a toddler.

She came into the spotlight pretty early on (age 18) but for someone now known for being feminine, what she did before then is a little surprising. While growing up, Coco was a Tomboy and her favourite pastime at the time reflected as much. She enjoyed riding ATVs and playing football. However, even then, she loved dancing and dabbled into tap, jazz, and ballet.

She is a Multifaceted Career Woman

As stated earlier, Coco Austin is a seasoned model, actress, dancer, and media personality. She came into full bloom after her marriage to Ice-T but was no slacker before then either.

Her Modeling Career Began at 18

Her earliest and longest-standing career pursuit, Coco Austin has been a glamour model for over two decades. She started as a young adult, aged 18 when she began appearing in magazines and catalogues, specializing mostly in lingerie and swimsuit shoots. After that, she emerged as the winner of the Miss Ujena contest in Mexico in 1998.

From there, she went on to grace several high-end events, including at the Playboy Mansion. In 2007, she earned massive recognition as a swimsuit model when she became the first Caucasian woman to land a spot on the cover of Smooth Magazine.

The feature resulted from her commercially successful Exotics Calendar DVD released earlier that year, which also contributed to the magazine recording their highest sales ever. Subsequently, she launched her eponymous quarterly magazine and featured on the cover of multiple renowned magazines and publications.

Coco’s has more than 11 Acting Credits

Apart from modelling, Coco Austin has also featured onscreen both in movies and on television. She made her acting debut in 2001 with an appearance in the R-rated film, Southwest Babes. She then appeared in other movies with similar ratings, including Desert Rose and The Dirty Monks. 

Her filmography has since grown to include other movies like Santorini Blue and Think like a Man Too. Asides film, she has years of appearance in TV series under her belt as well. Starting with Law and Order Special Victims Unit in 2004 in which she featured for eight years, and the comedy series Difficult People in which she played doctor.

Besides SVU, Austin has also appeared on other TV specials and shows such as The Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Others include Hip-Hop Wives, The Dr. Oz Show, and her guest judge appearance in RuPaul’s Drag Race’s fifth season.

Coco Austin also performed live as Bo Beep, replacing Holly Madison in the Las Vegas burlesque show Peepshow from 2012 to 2013. It remains one of her most fascinating performances to date.

The Model/Actress is also a Dancer

Modelling may be her longest-running career, but Coco Austin has been dancing for a lot longer. Starting from as early on as six years old, Coco has virtually mastered the art of moving her body. Beginning with ballet, jazz, and tap dancing, the showbiz star has been performing on stage since she was little.

Her mother, Tina, was the one who introduced her little girl to stage performance. While growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Coco had the privilege of performing in several productions at the city’s eponymous Little Theatre.

As she developed and leaned into her other passions, dancing seemed to have receded on Austin’s priorities. Yet, the gorgeous star still finds a way to incorporate it. With her famous backside as her central selling point, Coco Austin, ever the businesswoman, integrated what people seem to like the most about her with one of her favourite things.

An online sensation as of 2014, Austin made yet another career out of her famous physique when she kickstarted her fitness app named Coco’s Workout World. For the millions of people hoping to achieve a body like hers, Austin made a note of infusing everything that makes her Coco into the workout routines.

Notably, she integrated pole dancing, a form of art, and a full-body workout routine, and made a show of it with minimal-coverage gear. Crediting dancing (which she’s done for most of her life) and bodybuilding for her fitness, she explained it was her motivation for incorporating it into the class.

Quite the Web Personality Too

At some point after her wedding to Ice-T, Coco Austin put her modelling career on hold for about six years to support her husband’s busy schedule. However, her role as a supportive wife did not keep her from looking for other ways to improve herself. During this period, she established her first website and subsequently,

Both sites feature all things Coco Austin with the former majoring in her signature “Twerking in Heels,” workout inspiration as well as tips. She also discusses fitness on the latter website, offers an in-depth look at her lifestyle, and all things feminine from makeup and skincare to heels and everything in-between.

Since their launch, both websites have taken off and now individually earn her millions of views every month. In addition to that, she is also quite the social media influencer, with millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Owner of a Fashion Line and Other Businesses

Quite the businesswoman, Coco Austin aims to put her name down in as many industries as she can manage. The ever-evolving beautiful woman has yet another stake in fashion, that, though was probably inspired by her body, is not limited to her.

She launched her clothing line, Licious, in 2009. Despite being designed for women with curves, it can be rocked by various body types. Her apparels include jeans, dresses, and different swimwear, all made of stretchy material in the United States.

A few years later, in 2014, Austin branched out yet again and teamed up with adult toy company California Exotics to launch her line of sex toys called Coco-Licious.

Her Professional Career has Earned Her a $5 Million Net Worth

Though not many people bother to see past her looks, Coco Austin is an industrious woman who has invested her all into her career pursuits and family. Though what she earns per gig is not public knowledge, Austin currently has a net worth of $5 million, which she has accumulated through her various ventures, from modelling to entrepreneurship.

As her well of creativity shows no sign of retiring anytime soon, Coco Austin’s current trajectory suggests her net worth will increase in the coming years. Meanwhile, her wealth is only a fraction of her husband Ice-T’s, currently estimated to be worth $40 million.

There’s a 20-year Age gap Between Coco Austin and Her Husband, Ice-T

Coco Austin
image source

Coco Austin is happily married to the famous rapper and actor, Ice-T (Tracey Lauren Marrow), a New Jersey native, born on February 16, 1958. In his career, Ice-T has released 15 albums, including collaborative projects with other artists. He is also a versatile actor and has appeared in over 160 movies and TV shows.

He is most famous for his role as Detective Fin on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Coco Austin and her husband first crossed paths in 2001, the same year she parted ways with her first husband, Mike Williams, whom she married on May 11, 1999.

Their meeting wasn’t an unlikely one, as models and actors/musicians meet all the time. As Coco later shared on her blog, she was a 22-year-old model working in California when she encountered her future husband, who was having a grumpy day on a movie set. She was introduced by a friend of his to cheer him up and that she did.

Austin, who didn’t recognize Ice-T at the time, was impressed by his sense of humour when he used a pickup line on her that made her laugh. Surprisingly, despite her undeniable assets, the rapper told the Daily Mail it was her teeth that first reeled him in. Then the 42-year-old star’s eyes wandered a little below, and when she got the chance to show him her posterior package, he was a goner.

The spark was almost instantaneous, but even though their chemistry was very sexual, Ice-T was very much in the market for something lasting at the time. So, he asked her to date him, and she said yes.

They Only Dated for Two Months

Coco and Ice commenced a relationship almost immediately as the latter couldn’t wait to put on a ring on it and officially claim Coco as his own. They got married in January 2002, after having gone out for only two months. Add that to the Hollywood stereotype and their peculiar personalities, very few expected their marriage to last longer than their courtship.

However, not only have they broken the stereotype, but their union has flourished and become solidified with every passing year since. Coco Austin and her husband have one daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow, born in November 2015.

Coco Austin
Coco with Ice-T and their daughter: image source

It is the first, and perhaps only child for Austin as she has stated that she doesn’t want any more kids. Ice T, on the other hand, has two children, son Ice Tracey and daughter LaTesha, from previous relationships. Austin and her husband live in his home state of New Jersey.

Partner in life and Onscreen

Coco and Ice remain close and often work together. One of their joint ventures is the reality TV series, Ice Loves Coco, which followed their personal and professional lives. It debuted on the E! Network in 2011 and ran until 2013.

In their interview, Austin recalled how the show helped provide a better look into their relationship and family life, which Ice-T was reluctant about at first but later agreed. In addition to chronicling their daily life as a couple, the three-season show also starred one of their canine fellas, their Bulldog Spartacus.

Austin and her husband also have another TV show known as Ice & Coco, a talk show. Albeit short-lived, it featured the couple discussing various hot topics. The duo also featured together on Celebrity Family Feud opposite Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa. Austin’s role in Santorini Blue was also alongside Ice, who starred in it.

Coco and Ice’s Secret has a Lot to Do with Their Sex Life

While answering host Andy Cohen during an episode of Watch What Happens LiveCoco Austin revealed the big secret to her enduring partnership with Ice-T in one word – submission. Not only does she believe in and is a total submissive to her man in bed, but it is also her go-to advice to other women who hope to have what she does.

She says she is a slave to him, and it’s worked out well for them so far. When asked their secret by Howard Stern, her husband credited “jungle sex,” which he further explained to mean taking things beyond the basics and having fun with the foreplay.

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