Xavier Niel

French entrepreneur and businessman, Xavier Niel is embarking on an ambition to train about 10, 000 students in his Tech-university and Coding school known as 42.

Coding schools such as 42 aim at teaching talented and budding developers through fun games and entertainment over the internet. It is a 100% practical oriented way of teaching web technologies.

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42 is an institution that will specialize in equipping its students with an independent form of education. It is not the typical educational institution that you come across all the time.

The students get to learn a lot on coding programming and other software development. This is not the best part. The most interesting part of the coding school 42 is that the institution is tuition free. Not only that, there are no teachers, no special qualifications to enroll.

Instead, interested students within the age range of 18-30 apply online and then undergo an intensive 4-weeks of coding. The bests of them get to study in the prestigious institution.

Xavier Niel

“Students are expected to learn a set of skills in 3 to 5 years. The school relies on peer reviews, coding projects, internships and gamification. If you stay motivated for 3 to 5 years, you’ll become a good software engineer.”Tech Crunch

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It is worthy to mention that this tech-project of Xavier Niel did not start now. Already the institution has been doing excellently well in Paris. Now the mogul and tech-enthusiast sees the need to kick-start a branch in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is the base of giant tech-companies like Apple and Facebook. It is believed that this will create a balance in the expensive nature of education in the United States.

Xavier Niel is investing about $100 million in the establishment of the new 42 in Silicon Valley. The 200,000 square foot school building in Fremont is replete with “thousands of iMacs”. It is also open all day long.