Enlightening Facts About Cody Christian, His Family and Why Many Though He Was Gay

The name Cody Christian will undoubtedly be familiar to fans of the ABC Family series Little Liars. Cody is best known for his recurring role as Mike Montgomery in the award-winning series. He is a rising actor of American origin who made his movie debut in the 2009 sci-fi film, Surrogates.

Before his big-screen debut, he was already on the small screen since 2007 as part of the cast of State of Mind – a comedy-drama television series. It has been a steady climb in popularity for Cody as an actor and it all began after he watched an acting school commercial.

Cody Christian’s Mother Encouraged Him To Pursue An Acting Career

Cody Allen Christian was born in Portland, Maine, on April 15, 1995. We talk more about Cody’s family later. Still, we cannot discuss his road to Hollywood without acknowledging their influence, especially her mother. Growing up, Cody was a man with many interests, who dreamed of doing everything he imagined.

He would ultimately settle for one thing, acting, after he watched a commercial for an acting school in Indianapolis. His mother, Ashley Bohall, upon sighting his interest in acting, opted to check out the school with him. He enrolled, and so far, it is the only known institution attended by the Teen Wolf actor.

Not long after he began training as an actor, he attended a convention in New York. There, he met with a talent agent who encouraged him to move to Los Angeles. In 2005, taking the advice, he said goodbye to being a child and moved to the big city in pursuit of his acting dreams.

His First Onscreen Role Was In A Short Film

Within a year of moving to Los Angeles, Cody Christin got his first acting job as the younger version of a protagonist in a short film. He starred as Young Tommy Kuglar in The Profound Mysteries of Tommy Kuglar. In the same year, he played a nameless character in another short project, Corndog of Tolerance.

By 2007, Cody began appearing in traditional projects, starting with the TV show, State of Mind, where he played Adam. He made his second TV show appearance in Back to You, in the Gracie’s Bully episode as Xander Tucker. As he grew older, so did his filmography and roles.

He made his first feature film appearance in Surrogate, as Boy Canter. He got cast in the TV arena after making a minor appearance in the TV drama, True Blood. It was his last minor appearance before he secured the first significant role of his career.

Pretty Little Liars Brought Cody Christian To The Limelight

In 2010, Cody secured a place in the ABC Family/Freeform show, Pretty Little Liars. He got cast as Mike Montgomery, younger brother of Aria Montgomery, one of the lead characters of the show played by Lucy Hale. As Mike, he was a lacrosse player who has a mental illness that causes spontaneous anger and social withdrawal.

Cody Christian
Cody in Pretty Little Liars: image source

He appeared in the two seasons of the show and later from the fourth to sixth seasons. Although he was a recurring supporting character throughout his 29-episode run from 2010 to 2015, Cody impressed in his role. He was a part of a few teenage and young adult actors who found national exposure, especially among young audiences, through the show, leading to other significant opportunities.

Teen Wolf And All American are Some Of His Major Projects Since Pretty Little Liars

In between his five-year run on Pretty Little Liars, Cody Christian expanded his resume with several television projects. He appeared on the TV shows, Body of Proof, Austin & Ally, Supah Ninjas, Lab Rats, Killing Animals and the TV movie, Beautiful People. Christian also appeared in the films, Kill the Irishman, The Starving Games, and Killing Animals.

However, none of them pushed his career higher until he exited the show. After leaving, he began appearing as Theo Raeken in the MTV drama, Teen Wolf. He appeared in the fifth and sixth season of the show in a recurring role as a former human who turned into a Chimera.

Cody appeared in 29 episodes of the show from 2015 to 2017, and his popularity grew via the series. He also received his only known award recognition, Choice Summer TV Male Star nomination from the Teen Choice Awards.

In 2018, all his career achievements since 2006 finally earned him his first prominent role on a show by a leading TV network. He began appearing as Asher Adams on the CW network’s sports drama, All American. He has starred in all 32 episodes of the show to date, starring as a wide receiver of the Beverly High American football team who comes from a broken family.

The All American Actor Is Also A Voice Actor And Rapper

A slow but steady rise as a Hollywood actor has seen him appear in more than 22 films and TV shows since 2006. Also in Cody’s filmography is a voice role in a major video game. He provided the English version for the character, Cloud Strife, in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Aside from his voice role, Cody Christian is also a musician, specifically a rapper. Although yet to find a music label, he has released several songs on his YouTube channel, Cody Christian. Some of his released tracks include Drippin, Almost, Blessed, Hills, and Vacation.

Cody Is The Son Of An Army Veteran And A Breast Cancer Survivor

Unlike details about most part of his early life, we know a lot more about Cody Christian’s family. His father, who is Caucasian, is a US Army veteran named Scott Bohall and his mother, Ashley Bohall, is a Native American.

Cody is not an only child; he spent his formative years on a reservation located in Maine alongside an older brother called Joshua Christian. His brother is a college student who is studying Computer Engineering at the University of Maine in Orono.

The actor’s mother is a breast cancer survivor. While she was battling with the dreadful ailment, Cody Christian staged a fundraising campaign towards breast cancer research. He seems to share a strong bond with his mum according to photos from his social accounts. On her part, Ashley has shared beautiful pictures of Cody as a baby on Twitter.

He Belongs To The Penobscot And Passamaquody Tribe

Through his maternal grandfather, Ashley, Cody is connected to the Penobscot Native American tribe. He is a full-blooded American native. His maternal grandmother, on the other hand, is half Passamaquody Indian. Although he never lived on a Native American reservation, his mother did. She grew up on a reservation in Maine and tried to maintain Indian traditions with her children.

Cody Christian and his brother grew up around Native American culture through objects and artworks in their family home. Some of them are imprinted on his fingers as tattoos. He has four tattoos on each finger on his right hand. They are a rose, snake, binary code, and the words ‘it’s possible’. Each tattoo represents his mother, father, brother, and him, respectively.

Leaked Nude Videos Of The Actor Sparked Gay Rumors

A hack on his private account and that of other TV stars in January 2017 sparked a wave of rumours about Cody Christian’s sexuality. The video and pictures, which featured his naked toned and ripped body, had no inherent insight into his sexuality. They were, however, uploaded onto gay sections of various porn sites.

It led to the rampant rumours that the actor was gay, especially by those unfamiliar with how they got there. However, while Cody expressed his appreciation for the support he received after the leaks, he never actually addressed the rumours. A cursory look through his dating history, though, shows the All American actor is exclusively heterosexual, at least, publicly.

He Has Been In Two Known Relationships With Women

Before the gay rumours began, Cody Christian was in a relationship with Talia Maxine, an actress and a fitness instructor. The duo was always spotted together at several functions and even holidayed together in Disneyland in August 2015.

They decided to break up in 2016, but the reason for their separation never got disclosed. Talia has since gotten married to a US marine, Austin, in 2018.

After they parted ways, Cody got linked to Bella Thorne, whom he starred with on Assassination Nation. Rumours of their possible affair began after paparazzi saw them kissing each other passionately on the set of the movie in March 2017. However, it turned out to be nothing more than acting.

Cody Christian
Cody and his current beau, Alex Swift: image source

Later in September 2017, he began dating the model, Alex Swift. Although they have mostly kept their relationship private, the two have been seen sharing intimate moments over several months. They have remained a couple to date and going by a recent birthday post by the actor; they seem to be thriving as lovers.

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