The Coen Brothers (Ethan And Joel) – Who Are Their Families and What Is Their Net Worth?

When two forces join together, they would likely defeat the fears of life. Well, the history of the Coen brothers is no love tale but a tale of success, perseverance, and unity. They are regarded as one of the best or should we say two of the best in film making, consequently, they are highly revered in the industry. Their several awards and nomination can attest to the fact that they create a splendor with their film making crafts. Read on to learn more about these two jolly fellas.

Who Are The Coen Brothers (Ethan And Joel)?

The Coen brothers consist of Ethan and Joel Coen, both are remarkable for their stints in film making. They are popularly known for their distinct stylish film making that involves comedy, drama, and action-filled thrills.

Joel Coen, the elder of the duo was born on November 29, 1955, in St. Louis Park while Ethan Coen was born on September 21, 1958. The Coen brothers initially wasn’t an item, the former was notable for his skilled crafts as a director while the later worked as a producer. With their collaboration, they became a strong entity and further gained expertise within scriptwriting. They also disguise as Roderick Joynus; their movie editor.

The children of University professors; the Coen brothers nurtured a crave for film making right from an early age. As teens, they shot movies in their homes with the aid of a super 8 camera, using their friends as their cast. They created a lot of funny clips but never knew they were molding themselves into becoming one of the finest filmmakers; ever to be produced in the history of Hollywood.

Joel Coen is an alumnus of the New York Film School. There, he refined his film making crafts and also gained professionalism. After graduation, he immediately landed a job as an assistant editor on low budget horror films. Ethan; on his part, initially studied philosophy at Princeton University, graduated and eventually joined his older brother in New York City. It was then, that the Coen brothers became an item. Onwards, they went into scriptwriting for independents producers.

History has it that the Coen brothers started really on a small scale but with time, they have become the glam in the Hollywood sector. In 1984, they made a shocker with their movie, Blood Simple; a movie that later spurred them to fame and made them bosses in the Hollywood industry. They produced and directed the movie, Raising Arizona in 1987 and subsequently released Crossing in 1990. These movies received lots of rave reviews and by the time they released Barton, they gained a spot at the 1991 Cannes Film and Festival awards for best picture, director and actors awards.

With the rise in their career, the skilled filmmakers soon cemented their positions in Hollywood and made a hit with the blockbuster movie, The Hudsucker Proxy in 1994. Fargo (1996) made huge sales in the global market and beyond and was also nominated for seven Academy Awards, winning two of them. In 1998, the Coen brothers filmed the movie, The Big Lebowski which received a few disappointments. They braced up and successfully made a glam with the movie, O Brother Where Art Thou?  and The Man Who Wasn’t There? The latter received a good number of critical acclaim and was distinct.

2007 opened up beautifully for the Coen brothers, they bagged a lot of accolades and caught much more media attention. With the film; No Country For Old Men, they won four Oscar awards and also claimed the prizes for best director, picture and adapted screenplay. Following the release of Burn After Reading and A Setipya Man, the filmmakers also earned the Academy Award nominations for best picture and original screenplay.

Come 2010, they filmed True Grit which subsequently qualified for 10 Oscar nominations. Inside Llewyn Davis was written based on the music sciences in the ‘60s. Ceased 2016 came as a time bomb and as expected pulled a lot of waves in the film market. The Coen brothers also co-wrote the screenplay; Unbroken, Spies, and Suburbicon. They are showing no signs of slowing.

They have built quite a net worth for themselves

As aforementioned, the joint force; Coen brothers have remarkably pulled strings as filmmakers in Hollywood. They have also built a legacy with comedy film making in the Hollywood industry, but just how much wealth have they been able to accrue from all of these? The answer is a thumping $120 million – their combined net worth.

Meet Their Wives and Family

The Coen Brothers
Joel Coen and Frances McDormand, Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke

As much as the Coen brothers share most things in common, when it comes to their personal lives, they are married to two different women.

Joel Coen married an actress named Frances McDormand in 1984 and has stayed put, committing to his vows to her. There is a dearth of information regarding details of their love life, however, they both share an adopted son named Pedro McDormand Coen. Before McDormand, Joel Coen was briefly married to an unknown woman in the late 70s. McDormand for years wore the same ring that Joel gave his first wife, the reason as detailed in a Yahoo article was that she didn’t want to see the ring go to waste.

Ethan, on his part, married a movie editor named Tricia Cooke in 1990. Like his brother, he has been so faithful to her and has proved his loyalty as a father and husband. They have two beautiful children; a son named Buster Jacob and a daughter; Dusty.

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