Colin Jost And Scarlett Johansson: The Untold Story About Their Relationship

It all began in 2010 when Scarlett Johansson spotted Colin Jost on the program, Saturday Night Live. It would be her third appearance on SNL and this time, she was acting out a comedy skit Jost had written. Even though they’d first met four years earlier, Johansson’s third appearance on SNL started a fire nobody saw coming. It took seven slow years before it ever went public.  With so little in common, we certainly weren’t the only ones left in shock when this unlikely couple first appeared in public together at the American Museum of Natural History Gala in November 2017. More so, they’ve been spotted together, again, at the red-carpet premiere for Avengers: Infinity War, the 2018 Emmy awards, and the 2018 Met Gala. Stick with us, as we unravel the untold story about their super slow burn relationship.

The Initial Friendship of Colin Jost And Scarlett Johansson

When they both met on SNL in 2006, Jost and Johansson had just one thing in common, both were thriving in their respective niche. As Jost recounts, the time Johansson hosted was his first year as was a writer on the show. Although their first encounter sparked something out of the blues, these would-be lovebirds didn’t get anywhere close to romance until 11 years later. However, neither was romantically idle within that period.

For Scarlett Johansson, it was a journey with a double hitch. Following the crash of her first marriage to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds in 2010, she married French journalist Romain Dauriac. When their marriage hit the rocks in 2017, they already had a daughter together, Rose Dorothy. Colin Jost, on the other hand, had previously dated Rashida Jones in 2013. However, 2016 saw the couple parting ways for good. The following spring, news about Johansson’s alleged involvement with Jost suddenly hit the air and the media went aflame with shock, comments, and expectation.

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How They Began Dating

The biggest question in the air at the time was, what brought these two unlikely couples together? They’d been great friends. That was no news, but what suddenly changed over the years? Who took the first step? Well, now we know. Someone played matchmaker. Asides their first encounter on SNL, it was SNL’s Kate McKinnon who reportedly did the backend job to get the two together. Whether or not it was all intentional remains a story for another day.

What’s known, however, is McKinnon played the role of the perfect Cupid that shot both their hearts with the arrows and sent them on their date afterwards. But it wasn’t without their knowing anyway. Both stars had sensed the undertones for long. Kate McKinnon probably got tired of the long script and dived right in. According to sources, by May 2017, during the SNL season finale party, Johansson and Jost were spotted making out at the bar. It worked.

The question remained if Johansson was serious about their relationship. Was this for real or one of those flings? Especially as sources revealed that Johansson had on-and-off hook-ups with lawyer Kevin Yorn in the same summer. Fans believed Colin Jost was a serious partner of Johansson’s from the very start further cementing the fact that he’d been wanting to get with her over years. Whatever the case, Scarlett eventually caught up.

Colin Jost And Scarlett Johansson Get Engaged

Colin Jost And Scarlett Johansson’s relationship has long gone past the point of being speculated as a fling. She said YES to his marriage proposal. Coming from two failed marriages, Johannson considers Jost to be different than many of the men she has been with. And as she puts it, she’s ready to make this work, no matter what. Although the duo is doing their very best to shield their relationship from the harmful effects of too much publicity and media hype, their statuses continually give them away.

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In May 2019, the couple got engaged. Scarlett Johansson’s 11-carat engagement ring is estimated to be worth $450,000. If things go as hoped, this would be Colin Jost’s first shot at nuptial bliss. For his would-be wife, Johannsson, it’ll be her third. The Avengers star actress finalized her divorce from her second husband, Romain Dauriac, back in September 2017, six months after filing in. She has custody of their daughter, Rose.

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